Learning Support

Witham Hall aims to enable each child to achieve his/her potential by providing a curriculum that is broad, balanced and differentiated. The curriculum takes account of the particular learning difficulties and developmental level of each child. Children who have specific difficulties in literacy or numeracy are offered additional support to help them develop the skills they need to progress across the curriculum.

Children’s individual needs are identified at an early stage. All new children are screened using a computer based programme and any concerns from class teachers are also noted. Parents, pupils and teachers are consulted so that appropriate support can be given.

The provision we offer comprises of three stages:

At Stage One class and subject teachers provide high quality, differentiated teaching within the classroom. The Learning Support Department keeps teaching staff informed of the preferred learning styles, strengths and areas for development for each of the children identified as having a special educational need. Teaching staff receive ongoing information and advice to help them understand how these children learn best. The class and subject teachers are sometimes assisted by a teaching assistant or member of the Learning Support Department.

At Stage Two, a child receives additional or different help in a small group within the classroom. This help is supported by a member of the Learning Support Department. A child at Stage Two is working alongside his or her peers, and the additional or different learning is arranged by the class or subject teacher, in consultation with a member of the Learning Support Department.

At Stage Three, a child receives up to three lessons of additional or different help devised by a member of the Learning Support Department. The additional or different help is provided in one to one or one to two situations. Children follow a structured, cumulative, multi-sensory literacy programme which is tailored to meet their individual needs. Support for numeracy is also available at Stage Three. In numeracy, basic concepts are reinforced and weekly class topics are revised.

Parents and pupils are consulted at all stages in our decision to recommend learning support for a child at Stage Two and Stage Three.

We monitor the progress of pupils on our Learning Support Register. If it is seen that a pupil is making good progress, and is working significantly closer to the level expected of a child of his or her age, we will consult with parents and move the pupil back through the stages of our graduated approach.