Pupils' Guide to Boarding 2019-2020

Parents' Guide to Boarding 2019-2020

What should Flexi Boarders bring to school 2019-2020

What should Weekly Boarders bring to school 2019-2020

The happy, purposeful atmosphere appreciated by so many visitors to Witham Hall also pervades our boarding. As a school with a strong family ethos, we pride ourselves on providing a boarding environment that is caring and dynamic, that nurtures and brings out the best in every child, that provides the flexibility to allow each boarder – and each boarding family – to strike the perfect balance between home and school life.

Boarding develops in children the ability to live together harmoniously, build friendships and become increasingly independent. At Witham Hall, pupils can opt to weekly board or flexi board and many parents use this freedom of choice to build up the children’s experience of boarding whilst at prep school before moving on to their choice of senior school. Weekly boarders arrive in school on Monday morning and return home after Saturday morning lessons – or after Saturday afternoon matches if they belong to one of Witham’s many games teams. This approach to boarding is very popular with parents who have an eye on a full boarding public school or who are very busy during the working week but wish to spend quality time with their children at the weekend. Boarding nights are fixed for the term but may be reviewed termly. With any number of regular weekday nights possible, the ideal arrangement can be found to suit each individual family’s lifestyle. If, on the odd occasion, an alteration is required to a boarding night we can, with sufficient notice, accommodate that too.

The boarding accommodation at Witham Hall is arranged over the first and second floors of the main school, with bedrooms benefitting from the wonderful character of this fine old building. We encourage boarders to personalise their spaces and considerable ongoing investment ensures that the facilities remain comfortable and well equipped. Mr and Mrs Meadows, the resident Housemaster and Housemistress head a committed team of boarding staff, including Assistant Housemaster Mr Wills, as well as the Headmaster and Mrs Welch. Our matrons, Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Mair and Mrs Morris all ensure that the children receive the very best of care. Every member of teaching staff plays a part in evening duties and there is a full and varied programme of evening activities in which boarders and day pupils alike may participate. At the end of the day, our boarders can enjoy hot chocolate and a calm, secure wind-down to sleep, ready for the many challenges of another fulfilling day at this happy, dynamic school.

Principles of Boarding

Boarding at Witham Hall aims to:

  • Promote positive social interaction and sensitivity towards others
  • Promote cooperation within the boarding community
  • Boost each child’s self-confidence and independence
  • Encourage more efficient personal organisational skills
  • Foster a sense of personal worth so that all boarders feel valued within the community
  • Encourage pupils to make and keep friends and learn the value and joy of friendship
  • Teach children to be responsible for their own health and hygiene
  • Encourage a sense of responsibility
  • Foster a respect for others, their property and the boarding community as a whole
  • Prepare boarders for boarding life at Senior School