First Informal Concert of the year!

08 Nov 2018

Pupils entertained an appreciative audience last night with varied performances on a wide selection of instruments! We were especially pleased and proud to hear Suri, a Year 3 pupil, join the prep children in playing her piano piece! Well done to all the participants.

The programme was:

Space Curl: George Alford, Cornet

Captain Hook’s Rocking Party: Lucas Morris, piano

La Donna e Mobile: Kitty Forrest, flute

The Pink Panther: Barney Halford, trumpet

The Magic Man: Thomas Graham, piano

Trade Winds: Eliza Mardon, voice

Sonata in G minor (Bach): Richard Tomlinson, Alto Saxophone

Masquerade: Shivali Patel, piano

When the Saints: Scarlett Walker, piano

Banaha: Poppy Maunder Taylor, cello

Train Ride: Thomas Selkirk, piano

Annie’s Song: Jemima Ludiman, flute

Chatterbox Charlie: Suri Patel, piano

Hot Chilli: Grace Madigan-Hughes, trumpet

Gigue à l'Angloise: Baker Mbogo, piano

Green Onions: Louis Hale, guitar

Entr’acte No.3 (Schubert): Shivali Patel, violin