Witham Under 11s Conclude Their Hockey Season and Make a Terrific Start With Their Netball!

12 Dec 2014

Witham Hall U11s have played so well in their last games of the season. Playing both hockey and netball they have managed to remain undefeated! Well done!



Witham  8

Stoneygate  0

In their final game of the season, a slightly understrength U11A team took on Stoneygate. The girls set about the early stages of the game well, dominating possession and territorial advantage. Isabel Blackman scored the only goal of the first half, but many of the team missed clear-cut chances to have the game already sealed. The second half saw the girls exert even more dominance and their finishing was far more clinical. A further 3 goals from Issy, 2 from debutant Mia Paylor (later voted player of the match), 1 from Alice Farmer and 1 from Jemima Paganuzzi led to a sensational 8-0 win.

The girls have been tremendous all season and it was a shame that Harriet Anthony, Lottie Sharman and Ella Chandler were not quite fit enough to take part too. Nevertheless, every one of the 15 girls to represent the A team this year, but particularly the main 8 (Taggie, Georgia, Sophie, Alice, Harriet, Lottie, Izzy and Ella), have been exceptional and an absolute pleasure to coach.

Well done girls!


Witham 11    

Stoneygate 1

The annual out of season netball match v Stoneygate took place on Wednesday. Witham started confidently moving the ball positively down the court enabling Harriet Anthony to quickly find her range. As the match progressed Witham continued to dominate and excellent defence from Sophie Hamilton and Georgia Blackman meant Stoneygate had to resort to long shots. They were unsuccessful and soon lost their confidence trying to pass the ball around the D rather than shooting and in consequence losing possession.

Alice Farmer and Ella Chandler moved quickly and positively in the middle third making some excellent interceptions, turning defence into attack on numerous occasions. Taggie and Jemima Paganuzzi both made a positive contribution to the team which resulted in a comprehensive win.



Witham 2  

Laxton 2

This was the best game of the season for the Under 11 B team. Both teams played extremely well moving the ball quickly and positively in order to make good use of the whole pitch. Individual players on both teams showed great skill and determination meaning both goals were put under pressure throughout the game. Ella Chandler scored both Witham goals, one in each half, to achieve a very respectable draw, but all of the team members played their part in an exciting match.

Witham 6

Stoneygate 0

This was an excellent performance from the whole team in difficult conditions. The Witham team started confidently and moved the ball quickly and efficiently around the pitch meaning that the Stonegate goal was under pressure right from the start. Isabella Micklewright soon scored the first goal after a good build up involving most of the team. Ella Chandler dominated the mid field and quickly dribbled through the defence and scored confidently. As the match developed the Witham team dominated completely and Isabella and Ella each scored another goal in the first half.

Witham changed the positions of many of the team in the second half but still Witham were the dominant team. Sienna McAlpine and Katie Wraith played particularly well in unfamiliar positions. Ella completed her hat trick and Lulie Pumphrey completed the scoring making it a convincing win.


Witham Hall  10

Stoneygate U10A  10 

Team: Zara Williams, Chloe Howard, Kate Harris, Bonnie Harris, Isabella Micklewright, Mia Paylor, Pippa Thompson

After the long journey the girls were all set to go for their first Netball match of the year. We decided to play two 15 minute halves which we started straight away. The girls who have had only two netball sessions to date played very well as a team. Their communication was excellent as they passed the ball quickly down the court to score. It took them a little while to get back into proper netball rules, realising that they only had 3 seconds to pass the ball. They also initially struggled with obstruction but improved in the second half.

Throughout the game it was mostly goal for goal. At the end of the first half we were leading 5-4. The Witham girls continued to play well in the second half and we were in the lead until the last five minutes when Stoneygate scored twice in a row. Just when the girls were working hard to get the ball to their circle, the whistle blew and the match ended with a 10-10 draw.



Witham  2

Laxton U11B 0

It was a bright start to the match from both teams, with Witham perhaps having the clearer of chances. Good tackling from Zara Williams, Kate Harris and Chloe Howard, made it difficult for Laxton to find a way through to the goal. Cecily Hopkins and Lulie Pumphrey kept the ball moving well out on the wings, helped out by Isabelle Golland and Sienna de Gale. After moving the ball into a great attacking position, Isabelle Golland scored to give Witham the lead. Credit to Laxton, they continued to battle hard, creating a few chances themselves. But despite their best efforts, Witham kept coming back at them and it was Chloe Howard who extend Witham’s lead to 2-0 after striking the ball near the top of the D. Sophia Hallam had a quiet game, but did need to be on her toes on a few occasions, making some vital saves. A super game all-round!


Witham Hall  4

Stoneygate  1

The U11 girls were very excited to have a netball match at this time of year and despite the chilly temperature all girls were full of enthusiasm and competitive spirit this afternoon! The match was played on astroturf and using lower posts than the girls are used to but neither of these things fazed them as they prepared to take on Stoneygate. In front of a good crowd of parent supporters the match got underway and straight away the girls fought hard for the ball. Cecily Hopkins made some astute passes at centre and Esther Reed was intimidating at Goal Keeper. Before long Witham had their first and then second goals, set up by some very speedy and fluid passing up the court from Hera Chatterton and Sienna de Gale at Wing Defence and Wing Attack respectively. As the match wore on the girls began to feel tired and cold but they kept going and some brilliant defending from Georgina Eatch at Goal Defence made sure that Stoneygate didn’t have too many chances to equalise, scoring only one goal. In the second half, although tired, the girls rallied and managed to scramble another two goals. Emma Garvin now at Wing Defence made some excellent interceptions and Kate Harris now at centre ran her socks off! All our shooters, Bea Cadman, Kate Harris and Cecily Hopkins did well to keep their heads, under constant pressure from a strong Stoneygate defence, and should feel proud of the goals they scored, another two in the second half. Final score Stoneygate 1 Witham Hall 4 – well done girls!