The Witham Family Christmas begins!

03 Dec 2018

Christmas is underway at Witham Hall! The 30th of November started off with an assembly led by Mrs Welch’s Mentor group celebrating the beginning of Advent and the true meaning behind Christmas.  There were also some guest performances by our Year 4 Ocarina group, who played alongside Ms Forbes to finish the assembly with a very special song. The evening also brought the Witham family together; decorating trees and many more exciting events; a true Witham family gathering!  Over 90 boarders’ enjoyed Carols, poems, musical interludes, Christmas cracker jokes and a Christmas performance by Year 8. The entertainment finished with a harmony piece of Silent Night by Jacob and Mrs Fuller on their violin/viola.  The evening finished with Christmas cookies, hot chocolate, squirty cream and a lot of marshmallows! Thank you to Steph and her team for the wonderful refreshments and to all the staff and pupils, who made it a night to remember!