U11 Netball Final Report

01 Apr 2019


Well done U11As for being runners up at the Laxton Netball Tournament!

U11 IAPS @ Uppingham

Witham 7 - 4 The Elms

Our opening game was against The Elms, Witham started off with trepidation, but at half time were well into the groove.  A real boost to win the first game!

Witham 9 - 2 Laxton

After a match off, the girls took the court ready to win their second game.  A small change in the team allowed a bit more variety.  Again, Witham was outstanding and secured a second win.

Witham 9 - 4 Gresham’s
Our final match to secure a place in the quarterfinals was against Gresham’s.  Despite a match off in between, the girls were fired up.  Some beautiful play and again many goals meant another win for Witham and that spot in the quarterfinal.

Witham 1- 8 Fairfield Prep

After a lunch break, Witham took to court against a strong Fairfield side.  Some silly errors and a very strong Fairfield side meant we were sadly knocked out of the competition at the quarterfinals.

Overall, the U11 played the best netball I have ever seen them play.  They were so focused on the task and really used all the things we have worked on, particularly backline passes, centre passes and using the channels of the court.  Miss Copland and I were so proud of how they played; it was a shame the result did not reflect the energy and effort of the girls.

U11A v St Johns, Cambridge

A fantastic match for the U11 A’s.  Lydia was on fire in the shooting circle.  Both our attacking and defensive play were on form, with lots of interceptions and fast play moving up the court using different channels.  After three-quarters of tremendous play, the U11 were allowed to have a big swap for the final quarter with our defence going into attack and vice versa.  A final score of 22-4, well done - a great game. 
U11A v Leicester GS JS
The U11A team dominated from the first whistle and came away strong winners 19-9. Lydia was on fire shooting superbly and Olivia enjoyed stepping up again to play for the A team and cementing her late-season promotion.


Witham Under 10A v Stoneygate U11A
Witham 2 - 12 Stoneygate

On a very blustery day, the Witham girls travelled to Stoneygate. The game started slowly while the teams adapted to the conditions and scoring was difficult, at half time Stoneygate were leading 3 goals to 1. The Stoneygate shooters then began to find their range and began to dominate the game. The Witham girls worked hard, passing the ball accurately but the opposition moved quickly into space and was able to efficiently get the ball into the attacking circle. Witham’s defence kept very close to their opponents and managed to intercept many passes but unfortunately, the accuracy of the Stoneygate shooters meant they ran out comfortable winners.


U11B Witham v St Johns
Witham 16 - 2 St Johns

The U11B team worked really well on working together as a team. Their main focus of this match was to move forward onto the ball and in front of their player. All players were focused, ensuring they created good space and ensuring they were free and calling for the ball at the correct time. This was great to see, after having a few matches where this was not happening. In defence, Jemma, Grace and Olivia S all stayed close to their players, being alert when the ball was coming close. Chiara and Katie S worked well as C and WA working together to ensure all passes were accurate. Millie S and Olivia G communicated much better and scored some excellent goals.

Overall, much better performance to previous weeks.

Witham under 11B v Stoneygate
Witham 14 - 4 Stoneygate

This was a game of a very high standard from the Witham team once they found the measure of the windy conditions. The first quarter was evenly matched with Witham having a slender lead at the changeover. As the game progressed Witham began to dominate totally, with the shooters scoring freely Witham were able to take a commanding lead. In the final quarter, Stoneygate used their strongest player to mark the Witham attack, which meant we were unable to score but Witham’s early domination meant we won comfortably.

U11B Triangular with Copthill and Brooke Priory
U11B 7 - 1 Copthill U11B

The windy weather conditions made things difficult for both teams during the match. In the first half, it was mostly a back and forth, with the ball travelling from one end to the other with plenty of interceptions and few shooting opportunities.  At times, our passing was not as accurate as it needed to be for the conditions we were playing in, this resulted in a number of easy interceptions and the girls had to work hard to regain possession and get the ball down to our shooters. During the second half, we started to move for the ball better. This allowed us to get the ball into our attacking third more easily resulting in goals being scored. Our movement in and around the D was especially good during this half and a positive sign for our next match against Brooke Priory.

U11B 6 - 1 Brooke Priory

Again we started playing some careless netball in places. Our passing was erratic at times, not helped by the wind. Our defence worked hard to gain possession and stop any opposition goals being scored. As time went on we started to use the space more effectively and we were giving the ball away less and less. After half time, we continued to improve and the girls often managed to get the ball into our attacking third. Our confidence increased and we were making some great interceptions to overturn possession.  The girls were linking up nicely, our shooters worked hard to get free, and despite the blustery weather, they succeeded on scoring some lovely goals leading to Witham coming out on top. Well done girls!

U11B Netball v Stamford

A lovely afternoon for Netball saw the U11B/C girls have a fun filled match against Stamford. This match was somewhat different from our regular match, giving the girls an opportunity to play in different positions. After the 1st quarter, both teams chose a player of the match. That player then swapped teams and played for the opposition. This was carried out throughout the whole game, ending as 2 completely mixed teams. This was an exciting but slightly confusing match for our girls, ensuring they passed to the correct player. However, overall the girls had great fun and had lots of playing time, playing a total of 48 minutes. Well done!
U11B v Leicester GS JS
The U11B team had to work hard during the first part of this match but came away winners 15-8. Olivia and Millie did well in the shooting ‘D’ and Amelia enjoyed her promotion to the B team. Well done girls – a great way to finish the season.

U11C/U9 combined team: triangular at Leicester

Witham beat Stamford U10A
This was a match of two very different halves; in the first, most of the U9 girls really rose to the challenge of playing Yr 5s and were helped by the steadiness of Sammie at WA. Cecilia was particularly impressive, moving and shooting with confidence. The team was 3-0 up at half time. In the second half things were more scrappy and many shots were missed, often with the shooters demanding too much of themselves from near the outside of the ‘D’. Nevertheless, with the support of Poppy and Sammie from year 6, the year 4s are to be commended for rising to the challenge and defeating this Stamford U10 team.

Witham narrowly lose 6-7 to Leicester GS JS U10A

This was an extremely erratic match from both sides with Leicester taking an early lead of 2-0, but Witham then coming back hard and fast and scoring three quick goals to finish one ahead at the halfway point. However, after half time, while the same pattern repeated itself, the Witham girls just made too many mistakes with interceptions deflected and not caught securely, passes not passed well enough in front and decision-making not being quick enough and shooters missing their chances.
That being said, this was a terrific learning opportunity for this predominantly young Witham team, faced with girls one year older. They now have a better idea of what to expect next year as U10/U11s and how hard they need to be prepared to work against challenging opposition and how secure their skills need to be consistently over a whole match.

U10B win v Stamford and Leicester U10Bs

The Witham girls dominated in both of these games winning 5-2 v Stamford and 6-1 v Leicester. The shooters, Elizabeth and Hettie were on top form and Imo was a tower of strength in the centre court.