A1 Mathematics Challenge

16 Oct 2019

Monday 14th October saw the eighth running of the A1 Mathematics Challenge, which sees four schools competing for the A1 Maths trophy. This year the event was held at St Hugh’s in Woodhall Spa. Witham Hall, Wellow House and St Hugh’s each had 2 teams of children competing, whilst Burton Hathow bought a single team. Each team may have no more than two Year 7 pupils but as many younger pupils as a team may need.
Witham Hall had two teams each comprising of two Year 7 and two Year 6 children. The children had six maths challenges to complete throughout the day. The group round had 15 questions and the children had 45 minutes. They could work singularly, as pairs or as a team in order to get the answers. The next round was the cross-number round, like a crossword. They had to solve certain clues before using them to solve other clues. The third round was the speed test of 20 questions in 20 minutes, whilst the fourth was a logic puzzle. The children had several clues and then had to order information the right way. The penultimate round was ‘Make a Number’, like the numbers game on ‘Countdown’, and the final round was the relay, where the teams were split into pairs, with each pair answering alternate questions.
Witham Hall were second and third all the way through the competition until the last round. But both the Witham teams managed to get through all their 30 questions and the second-placed team leapfrogged the first-placed team to win the competition by 15 points. Well done to all eight children who went to this competition, but special mention to Flora W, Luke W, Clara, W and Thomas MC for winning the trophy for Witham Hall for the fifth consecutive year.