Maths everywhere this week in Pre-Prep!

05 Nov 2019

Theme week focus for the Michaelmas term is Maths. All of the classes have been having fun and investigating many different aspects of Maths, some without even realising it was Maths. They have undertaken an Allsorts Challenge - sorting using a number of different characteristics; listened to Maths stories in their English lesson, investigated and made their own patterns with shapes and objects both inside and outside, completed Maths trails as well investigating proportions of different body parts.

Did you know that in Year 3? The circumference of Billy’s head is the same as length of his arm and round his tummy. Harry’s thigh is the same length as his torso. Olivia found out that around her foot measured the same as around her wrist. Azlan found that the length the corner eye to the bottom of his nose was the same length as his ear, but it didn’t work for Emma. Alessandra’s hand is the same length as her head. Henry’s head was the same length as the circumference of his neck. Isabelle’s waist was twice as big as the circumference of her neck. Cecilia’s head circumference is the same as the length from her shoulder to her fingertips. Monty’s little finger is the same length as his nose.