10 Feb 2015


Witham 6

Oundle U12A 13

The Witham 2nd VII played a strong Oundle Under 12A team. The Oundle girls were a determined group who started positively and scored three goals without response from Witham. The game was played at a frenetic pace and both teams made basic mistakes with footwork and the accuracy of their passing. Witham managed to score a goal in both of the first two quarters but Oundle forged ahead to lead by five goals at half time. The third quarter was by far the best for Witham, they made much better use of the space and their dodging was much more positive resulting in the shooters having many more opportunities. Many more of these they converted and closed the gap on Oundle. Unfortunately they were not able to keep up this momentum and Oundle continued to maintain their scoring, running out winners by seven goals

Witham 11

Stamford U13B 6

This was a close game in the first half with both teams having good possession, but both made basic errors especially with the accuracy of their passing. The Witham shooters were more consistent and managed to hold a slender lead. Witham played their best netball in the third quarter and forged into a six goal lead and although Stamford came back in the later stages of the game Witham ran out worthy winners.

Senior Mixed Netball:

Witham 16    

St Hugh's 8

The senior B team travelled to St Hugh's where they played in the sports hall due to the weather being bitterly cold. The girls had watched the 1st VII in their match before they took to the court. This inspired the girls and they started very positively taking an early lead. Leonie Fraser and Lydia Plant shot consistently well to keep the pressure on the opposition. In defence Izzy Wass was awesome at GD meaning that St Hugh's had few opportunities to score. Anya Batty and Sienna Bownan both had excellent games distributing the ball well and both managed to control their footwork. Abbie Leverton marked well and limited her opponents’ opportunities to receive the ball. Ella Turner had a spell as both GK and GS, scoring a couple of goals. The whole team had some excellent passages of play resulting in a convincing win, well done every one. 

Witham 9

Oundle – 20

The very cold weather meant a rigorous warm up was necessary and the Senior team did this with plenty of determination.  Unfortunately, the girls did not start the game with such conviction and allowed Oundle to score six quick goals in the first quarter with a response of only one from them. 

The second quarter took a similar course and the Witham team found themselves with a difference of 8 goals at half time – a tough score line to beat.  Some changes at half time meant Witham were able to close down the opposition players much better and move the ball more effectively when attacking.  More accurate shooting and passages of play allowed Witham to give Oundle a much more even match for the second half. 

The final quarter was a draw of four goals each – something the girls can be proud of achieving given the start was quite poor. There is plenty to work for the next match but a promising conclusion to what was a good contest in certain key positions.

Witham U12/11 6

Stamford HS U12C 10

With many injuries and illnesses striking the senior girls, 5 U11 girls stepped up to help out. Witham had a strong start scoring 2 goals relatively quickly; unfortunately Stamford soon found their rhythm and ended up scoring 5 goals in the first quarter. The girls’ heads went down and they started doing silly passes and losing the ball, giving away 3 more goals. Stamford obviously had the height advantage, particularly against our year 5 and 6 members of the team, so we needed to change our tactics. The girls then started to play around the height, using bounce passes and cutting in front when dodging. Witham drew the 3rd quarter 1-1 and then went on to win the final quarter 3-1! This was a great team effort showing lots of progression and determination.

3rd VII:

Witham 9

Spratton 10

The 3rd VII were fortunate to play in the sports hall today meaning there was no issues of cold weather.  They started with great purpose, putting together some effective passages of play from their own third.  The first quarter finished 1-1.  It was proving to be a fair contest with both teams hassling for possession and making equal mistakes when attempting to score. 

The final quarter started with Witham in a comfortable lead but Spratton were determined to pass the ball more swiftly and accurately and scored in the dying seconds of the game to make the final score 10 – 9 to them.

There were some strong performances from our girls, most notably Anya Batty at Centre and Mia Harcourt at Goal Attack. It was a shame the outcome was different to many aspects of the performance.

4th VII

Witham: 10

Oundle: 15

Despite their loss to the first netball game of the season, the girls played incredibly well as a team. Their performance only improved throughout the game as they increased their number of turn overs and used them to their advantage to then convert them into goals. Their second quarter was a large improvement as they became more determined and driven, supporting an exciting comeback,  providing Oundle with some tough competition, and only going down by 5 goals. Mia Harcourt and Sienna Bowman starred in the game with their constant intercepts and outstanding drive, setting a perfect example to the rest of their team. Holly Spragg and Sophia Hallam’s shooting was incredibly consistent and accurate, shooting 10 goals between them. In the end Oundle were just able to hang on and extend their lead by shooting three more goals than Witham in the final quarter.