Netball News

07 Feb 2020

1st VII v Stamford 1st VII

Witham 13 – 24 Stamford

The match started evenly, with both teams showing good movement and passing on court. The first quarter saw Witham fall behind by three goals, but luckily the team knew what they needed to work towards. As the game progressed all of the girls showed great determination and resilience against a strong Stamford team. In the third quarter Witham fell further behind, however, the girls carried on into the fourth quarter with resilience. The last quarter saw the girls show much better movement and really thought about the space on the court. Overall, a good match against a strong opposition.

1st VII v Oakham 1st VII

Witham 21 – 19 Oakham

The beginning of the game was very evenly matched. Both teams showed good movement and team work on court. Oakham gained a lead in both the first and second quarters, leading 15-6. In the third quarter, all of the Witham girls showed fantastic team work and determination, thinking about their movement and passing. A thriller quarter saw the girls lead 17-16. In the last quarter both teams gave 100% across the court. The final score was 22-19 and a well-deserved win for the Witham girls.

2nd VII v Stamford 2nd VII

Witham 3 – 27 Stamford

This was a fast-paced match, which the girls were a little intimidated by, making our play hectic and quite scrappy. Our passes were thrown everywhere, with little purpose and to no-one quite a lot of the time. Their six-foot GS made it really difficult for our girls to mark and defend, especially on the rebounds, which did put us at a slight disadvantage. On the upside, our aim was to not do any footwork, and the girls managed that so can be pleased with this improvement. Witham still hadn't scored by the end of the second quarter, so when Lydia managed to score the first goal it really helped to lift moral. Witham had a few opportunities on goal, however the wind and the opposition’s excellent defence increased the pressure. However, the Witham girls effort and determination could not be faulted. The last quarter was their best, with quicker passing and a greater purpose. The work in the centre third was also much improved. Clara and Alexandra ended up working really well together as centre and WA, Clara with some fabulous interceptions, which created opportunities for another two goals. The Stamford team however kept playing beautifully, scoring themselves another ten goals. We certainly lost to a stronger team, but we will learn a lot from our mistakes and it is great for the girls to play against such a tough opposition.

3rd VII v Stamford 3rd VII

Witham 15 – 3 Stamford

Once again, a tough opposition, but the squad really fought hard. Some fantastic defending from Jemma and Lea. Sadly, Stamford were just too strong and we lost 15-3, although the score doesn't reflect how hard we tried, and not once did we give up.

U11A v Spratton Hall U11A

Witham 5 – 14 Spratton

A tough match where the U11As started competitively but failed to maintain momentum and attacking coherence after half time. In all three areas of the court Witham found themselves the smaller athletes, and in the attacking ‘D’ in particular Spratton really found their form as the match developed. That is not to say that the Witham girls did not enjoy some fast and delightful passages of play, they did and was duly noticed by the Spratton coach. However, there were too many errors and not enough courage when it counted.

U11A v Bedford Modern U11A

Witham 11 – 7 Bedford

This was a very close game with the score at 6-5 going into the last quarter. Once again, the girls played against a much taller team and were at times struggling to see forward to their attacking ‘D’ and led to holding on to the ball for too long on too many occasions. Nevertheless, they held it together; there was some superb interceptions from Rosie and Matilda giving the attack many chances to come back after mistakes. The rate of shooting success was only about 50%, so that is an area for improvement (Olivia 6; Millie 2; Eloise 3) and the although the girls have worked some centre pass patterns, more practice is needed in order to remember these. Chiara worked particularly hard at centre, never losing momentum for one moment, and in the final quarter the work between Katie and Eloise gave the team the energy and dynamic it needed to pull away for a solid victory. Rosie was voted ‘player’ of the team for this match and this was well-deserved.

U11A v Stamford U12A

Witham 6 – 18 Stamford

U11B v The Peterborough School U11A

Witham 9 – 1 Peterborough

A game more even than the final score suggests. The teams had very similar amounts of possession but the Witham shooters were far more consistent. The movement of the ball down the court was all too often very close to the side lines meaning that the space to move into was very restricted. Witham were marked closely and had to work hard and dodge positively in order to get free to receive the ball. A good all-round performance from the team, playing against a strong A team, the difference being the superior accuracy of the Witham shooters.

U11C v Bedford Modern U11B

Witham 8 – 6 Bedford

The U11C Netball team played their second match of the season against Bedford Modern. The first two quarters were evenly matched with the ball being passed from one end of the court to the other, but unfortunately Witham missed over ten shots so at half time our opponents were leading 3-1. The second half saw both teams shooting well and, with a few changes in positions, Witham played a much stronger game. A focus on creating space and greater timing when dodging helped enormously in securing an 8-6 win.

U11C Netball v Peterborough U10A

Witham 5 – 9 Peterborough

The U11C Netball team played against Peterborough High's U10A team in a closely fought match. The first three quarters were very even between the sides, with both teams working hard both on and off the ball. Witham went into the final quarter 5-4 up but were unable to maintain their lead due to careless passing and weak marking. Peterborough took advantage of this and with some fantastic shooting won 9-5. A disappointing finish but hopefully some lessons learned for their next match.

U10A to Laxton Festival

The Under 10 A Team had a successful afternoon at Oundle school playing against a number of different teams. The girls played well dodging and marking effectively, stopping the opposition from having much possession of the ball. The shooters shot consistently and scored from many different angles,allowing the team to win the majority of their matches and drawing just one.

U10B to Laxton Festival

Witham 0 – 3 Laxton A
Witham 2 – 1 Brooke Priory C
Witham 5 – 0 Stamford B
Witham 6 – 0 Northampton B
Witham 2 – 3 Brooke Priory B

The first game was a bit of a shock to the system as we ended up playing Laxton U9A team. The girls battled hard and still gave Laxton a good game, but couldn’t convert any of their shots and ended up losing 0-3. The second game was still close but Minna and Jess Hu both got their eye in and managed to score a goal each, to Brooke C’s 1 goal. Witham went straight into the next game against Stamford B team; the Witham girls kept possession of the ball and Flora shot beautifully to score all 5 goals. Northampton B team didn’t provide a great deal more competition and we convincingly won 6-0 with both Flora and Jess Hu scoring hattricks. The final game was very close with end-to-end netball, but Brooke just edged the win 2-3. An excellent afternoon of netball and a particular well done to our Year 4 girls, Libby and Minna for stepping up to the challenge.

U10B v Peterborough U9A

Witham 7 – 0 Peterborough

The U10B team made a very strong start against Peterborough’s U9A team, winning the first quarter 4-0, probably assisted by the lengthy additional warm up time. In the second quarter, Peterborough started to find their feet and the game was much more even, with the opposition’s defence making some excellent interceptions. As the game went on, and the temperature dropped, the play started to waver and passes got weaker. Witham maintained their lead though and won the game 7-0. Georgie had a particularly good game, moving the ball well.

U9A v Wellingborough U9A

Witham 7 – 1 Wellingborough

Witham had a very convincing win against the Wellingborough U9 team. During the game Witham rotated positions and gained vital experience in all areas of the court. Everyone shot well and showed excellent focus when marking their opposite numbers. Still plenty to learn but the team are making solid progress.

U9A v Spratton U9A

Witham 2 – 1 Spratton

This was a very close game against Spratton, where Witham led 1-0 at half time despite both teams having lots of opportunity. Witham had the majority of possession thanks to some excellent dodging and passing and the final result was a well-deserved win for the U9A team.

U9A to Laxton Festival

Witham 1 – 1 Kimbolton
Witham 3 – 0 Wellingborough
Witham 2 – 0 Laxton
Witham 3 – 2 Stamford

The U9A team thoroughly enjoyed the Laxton Junior School Festival, where they played some excellent netball throughout the afternoon. Theone, Minna and Izzy showed particularly good movement around the D. Libby and Matilda made some outstanding interceptions, and Lottie’s passing was the quickest on the court. 

U9B v Wellingborough and Spratton U9B

Witham 3 – 3 Spratton
Witham 6 – 0 Wellingborough

The U9Bs played in a triangular at Wellingborough School with both Wellingborough and Spratton Hall. The girls played against Spratton first and displayed some excellent passing and movement to make it difficult for Spratton to defend. The first half was very even but Witham grew into the game more and more as the match progressed, creating plenty of chances in the opposition’s D. The match finished 3-3 but we were unlucky to lose; some more accuracy in our shooting could have led to a comfortable win.

The girls then played against Wellingborough and continued the momentum from the strong performance against Spratton. The girls defended excellently, making countless interceptions to thwart any potential Welingborough attack. When in possession the girls quickly linked up and moved the ball down the court which created lots of scoring chances. Our shooting was much more clinical leading to an emphatic 6-0 win. These are two results which the girls can be very proud of.

U9B to Laxton Festival

The girls were so excited to play some matches, the enthusiasm was rocket high. To begin with Witham struggled to piece together very much attacking play and ended up losing the first two matches against Kimbolton 1-0, and Stamford 2-0. The next match was against Wellingborough and Witham won 2-0. The match a completely different game to the previous. Witham were passing well, and moved the ball into space. The team began to find their rhythm and managed to maintain this momentum throughout the rest of the afternoon. They won their next game against Laxton 1-0, keeping up the good play, as this team was stronger than the rest. Our last match was against Stoneygate which we won 2-0, with Florence scoring both our goals. The excitement was clearly evident on all the girls’ faces. Overall, there was some good netball shown from the U9B team, with huge improvement for the first match, which the girls should be most proud of.

U8 to Stamford Festival

The U8s had their first netball matches of the season at the Stamford Festival. The teams played a number of games against Kimbolton and Stamford in the new ‘Bee Netball’ format. As the festival progressed the girl’s movement and positioning on the court improved greatly. Both teams managed to score a number of goals once they had found their shooting range. This is a good basis to work from as the season progresses with all the girls making positive contributions to their teams.