Netball News

16 Mar 2020

1st VII v Worksop College 1st VII

Witham 31 – 5 Worksop

A great game for the 1st VII Netball team, showing good movement of the ball on court and excellent team work. Rose and Mollie worked well in defence, marking tightly, to give their opponents little room to receive the ball. Lilia, Millie, Shivali, Bunny and Matilda worked well mid-court. They moved the ball up to the attacking end, with control and made good passing decisions. In the shooting circle, Eliza and Charlotte showed good movement, passing the ball out of the circle to gain better positioning under the post.

1st VII v Fettes 1st VII

Witham 19 – 16 Fettes

The evenness of the game made the girls fight hard for every centre pass they took to ensure they kept possession in this last-minute fixture. In the first, second and third quarters it was goal-for-goal as both teams displayed some impressive netball. In the last quarter, Witham really picked up their game, made excellent passes, showed good set plays and went for every interception. A 19-16 final score was very well deserved. 

U12A vs Bourne Grammar U12A

Witham 6 - 14 Bourne Grammar

Despite missing a number of regular players, Witham played strong, in a feisty game. The team adapted to the windy conditions and passed well. It was also good to see and improvement in contest towards the ball and against the opposition. The Bourne shooters managed to get every goal in thanks to superb accuracy, so the score was in their favour for the first half. However, Witham managed to close the gap from 2-10 to 6-14, which was a great achievement. Well done to Clara who made a number of interceptions and turnovers.

U12A vs Worksop U13B

Witham 20 - 3 Worksop

The U12A team started strong against Worksop; the centre passes were quick, the passing was accurate and the goals went in. Some beautiful play from Lydia and Poppy in the circleensured Witham were never stuck in the D without a pass. At the other end of the court, although they didn’t have a lot of play, the defenders performed well and didn’t concede in the first quarter. Thank you to Katie who came up from the U11s to play for us, she did a fantastic job as GK; she contested for the ball very well and made good choices when defending. There were still occasions were Witham crowded in the centre third, but there was a distinct improvement from the beginning of the season.

3rd VII v Bourne Grammar U13B

Witham 4 - 20 Bourne

A tough match for the U13B team against a strong Bourne squad.  Witham struggled to get the ball into the shooters, Bourne intercepted well in the midcourt.  The opposition played a fast game, which Witham struggled to match. The team played their socks off though, and used the feedback given to them to meet their target each quarter.

3rd VII v Worksop College 3rd VII

Witham 9 – 1 Worksop

A well fought match from the 3rd VII team.  Some superb attacking through the centre court, with excellent shooting from Izzy, Amelia and Poppy. A solid defence meant the score ended 9-1 in Witham’s favour.

U11B to Laxton JS Tournament


Witham played confidently in all of their matches. The shooters were very consistent, which enabled the team to win all of their matches comfortably. The defence marked tightly and made some important interceptions often turned defence into attack. Everyone made a very positive contribution to the team’s success.

U11B v Wisbech U11B

Witham 15 – 5 Wisbech

Witham started well, moving the ball down the court with ease thanks to some quick passing, to make it very hard for Wisbech to defend. The Witham shooters had plenty of opportunities and commanded a 5-0 lead after the first quarter. The next quarter was a different story as our girls began to look a little too comfortable. Witham were a lot less diligent with marking, which allowed Wisbech to get back into the game, the score 6-3 at half time. In the third quarter, the girls dominated once again and with increased discipline in defence they managed to win more of the ball and ensure a large proportion of the possession in the attacking third, which led to the team being 10-4 ahead after the third quarter. In the final quarter the girls turned it up a gear once again, linking up superbly to get the ball into the D in a seemingly effortless manner. This, coupled with some accurate shooting, gave Witham a 15-5 win at the full-time whistle.

U11C to Stamford JS Festival

Witham 4 – 0 Wisbech
Witham 2 – 3 Peterborough
Witham 4 – 2 Stamford

A combination of Years 4, 5 and 6, and all did a fantastic job of merging as a team and playing some really nice netball. Witham looked strong in their first game against Wisbech, demonstrating their solid understanding of the game. Against a stronger Peterborough side, they struggled in the first half but made a strong come back in the second. Against Stamford we played nicely and despite increasingly cold fingers, shot some really nice goals.

U11C v Wisbech U11C

Witham 12 – 5 Wisbech

Considering this game was played in very strong winds, and, at times sleet, the girls coped extremely well. Witham were dominant from the start and were consistent with their scoring throughout the match. They thoroughly deserved their win, with everyone contributing fully to the result.

U11/10C v Grantham Prep U11A & U11B

This was a rather unusual High-5 netball match against some strong Year 6 girls from Grantham Prep. It was immediately obvious that the opposition played a great deal of club netball, but despite this, the girls were undeterred. Witham quickly went several goals down in the first quarter, but after switching positions and a team talk to boost morale, the team battled hard for a more even second quarter. Over the course of the fixture Witham played Grantham’s A team, B team, and a combination of the two, in what was a lovely informal afternoon.

U9A v Kimbolton, Laxton JS and Brooke Priory

Witham 1 – 1 Kimbolton
Witham 7 – 2 Laxton
Witham 1 – 2 Brooke

The U9A team thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon of netball, playing particularly well against a feisty Kimbolton side. Witham dominated against Laxton and then narrowly lost to a well drilled Brooke team. A great afternoon, demonstrating just how far the girls have come this term.

U9A v Copthill U9A

Witham 7 – 1 Copthill

Witham quickly took the lead in the first quarter, thanks to some slick passing and excellent shooting from Minna and Isadora. Copthill grew in confidence over the course of the game and it became more and more even. Witham’s knowledge of the game and understanding of the rules gave them the advantage and comfortably took the win.

U9B v Kimbolton, Laxton JS and Brooke Priory

Witham moved the ball down the court excellently, despite the wind which made the conditions very challenging to play netball in. This allowed the team to enjoy plenty of shots in each match, however, the girls found it difficult to convert many of these due to the weather. In defence the girls worked hard to stay with their opposition player and led to Witham making numerous successful interceptions. The 6-0 win was a highlight against Brooke Priory and we also claimed wins against Laxton and Kimbolton C.

U9B v Copthill U9B

Witham 7 – 2 Copthill

A good game for the U9B team, who all worked well to create space on court and make good passes to their teammates. All of the girls on court also worked well to control their footwork, taking their time to not rush. It was clear all of the team understood their positions, which was pleasing to see as they played a full seven-a-side match.

U9C vs Kimbolton, Laxton JS and Brooke Priory

Witham 0 – 3 Kimbolton
Witham 5 – 0 Laxton
Witham 4 – 0 Brooke

The Year 4 Girls played some fantastic netball, scoring a total of nine goals and they only conceded three, a positive result. Throughout the festival, the attitude of the team was incredibly uplifting, they were keen to play every position and did so with enthusiasm. Despite the cold weather, the girls stuck at it really well and were very deserving of match tea afterwards. There are still lots of things to work on, especially our distance, but otherwise, we are on track for a successful second half of the season.