Dance Workshop

20 Mar 2020

The annual dance workshop took place in the AV Room under the expert guidance of Mrs Chapman. Each group undertook a lively warm up and were given a number of moves to form the framework, to which they could add to produce a dance. The Year 8s started with the theme of repelling and attracting, which involved sticking small pieces of different coloured tape onto joints on their bodies. In pairs they then had to match the similar colours together which produced some very interesting combinations of joints. They were tasked with moving into various other combinations, very much like the game, Twister. Pupils were challenged to exaggerate these movements. The theme for the Year 7s The Incredibles, where the children had to produce a motif based on Miss Elastic, Mr Strong and Dash. Pupils showed poses that could be related to each character. Lindy hop, the fastmoving dance introduced by the American GI’s during the Second World War, was the theme for Year 6 and pupils had to work towards producing quick swinging movements reminiscent of the jive. Year 2 were given various rhythm patterns as the basis of their dance and, being a creative group, they were able to follow the motifs set and add some very interesting ideas of their own. The Romans and the Stone Age were two other areas that were explored with the pupils moving to show different activities associated with these ages. The theme of Rain was used by a year group, the children working on raindrops, splashing in puddles, skimming stones and water running down a window to produce some very imaginative ideas. All of the pupils involved themselves fully in the activity and many surprised themselves how creative they could be with dance moves.