Celebration of artwork

22 May 2020

Creativity has flourished at Witham Hall School during the lockdown and pupils have produced some wonderful pieces of artwork.

A special mention to James Whitehead for his spectacular tiger sculpture that he has spent many hours of his free time creating. Also Kitty Forrest for an outstanding painting of her pet greyhound.
Well done to everyone for all their efforts and artwork.
Some special mentions for outstanding artwork:
Year 4
James for an outstanding tiger sculpture. Extra art project created in his free time. I think we have a young Michelangelo!
Year 5
Coco for outstanding holiday sketchbook work and Van Gogh paintings
Year 6
Max and Ben for outstanding Arcimboldo fruit drawings and surreal heads.
Year 7
Henry, Harry and Poppy for outstanding pop art work.
Year 7 advanced art holiday work
Sammie, Kitty and Olivia for outstanding holiday work. A special mention also to Amelia and Issy for effort and progress.
Year 8 
Jack for outstanding artwork.
Easter competition.
Junior section. Year 4 and 5.
1st Scarlett Walker. Selection of Easter artwork.
2nd Henry Turner. Rabbit painting.
3rd Ava Lambert. Easter artwork.
Senior section. Year 6 and 7.
1st Rosie Pollard. Realistic rabbits, bird and flowers.
2nd Albie Lockett. Pansies.
3rd Millie Spilsbury. Artwork made from real flowers.



James Whitehead

James Whitehead 3
James Whitehead 4
James Whitehead 1

Jack Braddock

Jack Braddock 1
 Jack Braddock 4
Jack Braddock 5

Kitty Forrest

Kitty Forrest 1  Kitty Forrest 2

Sammie Morris

Sammie Morris 1  Sammie Morris 2
Sammie Morris 3  Sammie Morris 4
Sammie Morris 5  Sammie Morris 6