Art flourishes at Witham Hall despite the challenges of lockdown.

23 Jun 2020

Pupils have developed their talents creating some outstanding and original pieces of Art in both two and three dimensions.
Pupils have followed many creative journeys transporting themselves back in time studying a diverse range of artists, designers, crafts persons, sculptors and fashion designers. They have immersed themselves in the themes, styles and techniques of the artists, which has inspired their own artwork with fantastic results.
They have also made links and connections with the world around them, expressing through their art, their thoughts and feelings about environmental issues, endangered species, plastic pollution, landfill and recycling, poverty and social issue.
During lockdown the creative journeys continued to discover the world of Peter Adderlay, Vincent Van Gogh, Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Paul Haas, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Claus Oldenburg, Banksy, David Walker and Dale Grimshaw. Pupils explored drawing, painting collage, recycled sculptures and fashion developing their imagination and creativity to new heights.
Art Scholars have inspired the younger pupils with amazing sketchbooks, detailed and expressive drawings and numerous large canvases and sculptures reflecting the world in which we live. They showcased their outstanding portfolios of artwork and achieved scholarship success to their future schools. Well done to Izzie, James, Emma, Fred and Rosie. Also congratulations to Olivia who has been awarded an Art Scholarship in Year 7.
James was delighted to hear that with his Art scholarship we have now reached 100 Art Scholarships over the past 20 years and 50+ all round part Art. A record breaking year.
Well done to everyone for keeping Art alive, thriving and reaching dizzy heights at Witham Hall.



Emma Wheeler Art Scholarship 1 Emma Wheeler Art Scholarship 2
Emma Wheeler Art Scholarship 3 Emma Wheeler Art Scholarship 4 Emma Wheeler Art Scholarship 5


Fred Shippey Art Scholar 3 Fred Shippey Art Scholar 4
Fred Shippey Art Scholar 2 Fred Shippey Art Scholar 5 Fred Shippey Art Scholar 1
Fred Shippey Art Scholar 6


Izzy Leverton. Art scholarship 4 Izzy Leverton. Art scholarship 1
Izzy Leverton. Art scholarship 3 Izzy Leverton. Art scholarship 2 Izzy Leverton. Art scholarship 5


James Hayle Art scholarship 1

James Hayle Art scholarship 3 James Hayle Art scholarship 2 James Hayle Art scholarship 4

James Hayle Art scholarship 5