Opro’s visit to the School

17 Jul 2020

Message from Mrs Edwards, Director of Sport.

Opro’s visit to School is now confirmed for 11th September. Please see the poster here for details. I realise that some children, unusually, will now return to School without a new mouthguard as they will be waiting for 11th September. In order to be able to take part in hockey or rugby (should we be able to play these sports), their options are:

  1. To use, if they can, their old mouthguard from last year (we still have many of them in the Sports Office)
  2. To use, a sports shop bought ‘boil-up’ one temporarily.
  3. To use a ‘snap-in’ guard. We can supply these but don’t have an unlimited supply, so will be prioritising new pupils to Witham.

If you have questions relating to mouthguards please email Mrs Edwards on directorofsports@withamhall.com .