U11 Netball News!

03 Mar 2015


Witham Hall  2

Stamford HS U12A  10

Witham Hall  8

Oakham U12A  12

These have been a couple of tough games for the U11A team against girls a year older from schools that have far more girls in their year groups. I have been impressed by the progress that the Witham girls have made and the improvement in the tenacity on view.

Against Stamford we certainly suffered from a lack of height and although we managed numerous attacking moves started from some excellent interceptions (Sophie Hamilton and Bonnie Harris in particular) we too often messed up with our feeds into the ‘D’ or when we did get it there, there were missed shots. This was often due to the fact that the shooters had had to work so hard that they were then unable to steady themselves for the shot! In this game the girls were rather phased by the bigger, older and more athletic girls that they faced. Well done to Alice Farmer and Sophie who managed to keep their composure and give it their all for the entire match.

Against Oakham the girls were a little more prepared for what was about to come in terms of height difference and levels of athleticism. The fact that the Oakham GK was taller than Mrs Edwards was though still a bit of a shock! This was a very tight match. Although the girls found themselves playing catch up all the way through, it was in fact our slow start that led to this. Witham in fact won the second half by one goal (6-5)! Georgia Blackman made a positive start to playing GS, Ella Chandler was much more assured in that position and at WA too. Harriet Anthony was superb around the court but still not quite accurate enough under the goal. Taggie Paganuzzi is improving all the time at both WD and WA. There was some great speed on show from Bonnie Harris, tenacity from Alice Farmer and many an interception from Sophie Hamilton. However, still more to do – attacking chances are still not being converted with enough consistency.

For both matches the girls enjoyed fantastic support from the side line – thank you parents!

Witham Hall 24

St John’s  4

It was somewhat of a relief for the girls to be playing once again against and U11A side! There was a very tight start to this match with St John’s taking an early lead and going into the first break 4-3 up. However, once again this was more about Witham not making the most of their chances than St John’s beating the team consistently.

 As the match progressed the girls really began to get flow, timing and positive business-like play together. Georgia Blackman coming back into shoot after a first introduction in the previous game really showed how hard she has listened and worked on her movement in the ‘D’ – she was undoubtedly ‘player of this game’ for the Witham Team. However, this was an excellent team performance that just got better and better.

Witham Hall  9

Ranby House  1

This was a tight and hard fought game in windy conditions. Often the play was scrappy and lacked the flow gained on Wednesday. Many goals were missed and many passes found wanting – however, these are good games to win. It is all about knuckling down and getting on with it even when best form can’t quite be found. The best play on offer was in defence where there were some superb interceptions and Ranby goals were kept to a minimum. Unfortunately, these chances were too often thrown away due to crowding and poor passing. Overall, gritty play but not pretty!


Witham Hall 5

Leicester Grammar U10A  2

The Witham girls had a bit of a slow start to their match against Leicester on Wednesday, despite winning the first quarter 1-0 the girls hadn’t quite pulled together as a team. As the match progressed the passes began to slot together nicely and the girls really began to work hard for each other. The 3rd quarter was by far our strongest with the attack working hard to get around very tall defence. Zara scored 3 goals whilst Jemima scored 2, Mia put in a lot of hard work to feed the ball into the circle; another super game, well done girls.

Witham Hall  10

St John’s  12

It was a very close fixture against St John’s resulting in a closely fought netball match. Katie played very well in centre court making many interceptions and feeding the ball through to Mia and Zara who scored a total of 10 goals between them. Unfortunately for the U11B girls St John’s had two very good shooters who barely missed a shot, scoring 12 in total. Witham made several rash decisions giving St John’s many opportunities to regain possession of the ball.


Witham 5

St Hugh's 2

The Witham team travelled to St Hugh's with two year fours in the team to play the opposition’s Under 11 A team. Both of the teams started at a frenetic pace meaning that there were lots of handling errors. The Witham shooters, although much smaller than the St Hugh's defence, soon got their eye in and took an early lead. The defensive combination of Georgie Eatch and Bonnie Harris was excellent and made numerous interceptions. Their man to man marking was very strong and St Hugh's had few opportunities to score. Once Bella Fox found her range with the higher posts she gained in confidence and scored a couple of excellent goals. Ella Chandler dominated the centre third and completely out played her opponent, while Lulie Pumphrey worked extremely hard, dodging positively in order to get free. Charlotte Bingham and Jemima Paganuzzi were the other members of the team and both had good games.

Witham – 13

Wellow – 1

Witham U10 girls had a superb game against Wellow House on Wednesday 11th. We started off very strong winning the first quarter 5-0, with Jemima and Mia working well together in the circle and Bella assisting from the circle edge. In the second quarter the girls continued to play well, with Katie and Poppy the dynamic duo in centre court stopping play moving to our defensive end too often.  By the end of the third quarter and after moving a few people around to look at their versatility as players, we were 12-0 up. The defence had played very well so far keeping Wellow’s shots out; Lulie, Georgina and Charlotte all intercepted many passes showing great composure. In the final quarter after another rejig of players, Witham scored one goal from Charlotte and Wellow also scored one. Jemima and Mia both scored 6 lovely goals each throughout the other quarters. Well done girls!


Witham  6

Stamford HS U12C 10

With many injuries and illnesses striking the senior girls, 5 U11 girls stepped up to help out in matches v Stamford. Witham had a strong start scoring 2 goals relatively quickly; unfortunately Stamford soon found their rhythm and ended up scoring 5 goals in the first quarter. The girls’ heads went down and they started doing silly passes and losing the ball, giving away 3 more goals. Stamford obviously had the height advantage, particularly against our year 5 and 6 members of the team, so we needed to change our tactics. The girls then started to play around the height, using bounce passes and cutting in front when dodging. Witham drew the 3rd quarter 1-1 and then went on to win the final quarter 3-1! This was a great team effort showing lots of progression and determination.


Witham Hall wins v Leicester GS JS 

Team :  Captain Pippa Thompson, Isabella Micklewright, Bea Cadman, Kate Harris, Sienna McAlpine, Sophia Hallam, Esther Reed. 

The Under 11 C team were out in full force against Leicester Grammar School last Wednesday!  They played extremely well throughout and they were a pleasure to see in action.  In the first quarter, Witham scored 3 goals very quickly, which caught Leicester GS off guard.  Leicester intercepted the ball back, but couldn’t get it in the net.  By the end of the first quarter, Witham were leading 5-0.  The second quarter was again consistent in both passing and shooting.  Witham scored another 3 goals, to take the half time score to 8-0.  There were a few changes at half time and Witham continued to dominate the second half.  Witham won 16-0 and played very well throughout.  The shooting combinations of Bea Cadman, Isabella Micklewright,  Sophia Hallam and Kate Harris were very accurate indeed and they certainly had their eye in!  The mid court players; Sienna McAlpine and  Pippa Thompson were exemplary in their wonderful passing and triangular play and Goal keeper Esther Reed, really stole the show in defence, with some splendid interceptions, man to man marking and marking the shot.  Well done to all the players and thank you to all the parents who supported the team throughout.

Witham Hall 21

 St John’s  4

The U11C girls were very excited to be playing a match in sunny conditions for the first time this term and their pre-match enthusiasm stood them in good stead! The first quarter was a closely fought affair with possession very even and the Witham girls only just keeping up with the speedy play of the St John’s team. By the end of this quarter the score was a close 3-2 to Witham. Witham upped their game though in the second quarter and their play began to flow beautifully as they settled into their positions. Pippa Thompson did a super job at centre working hard to keep the ball moving to our ‘D’. Esther Reed was a formidable force at GK, the St John’s girls really struggled to get past her!  Bea Cadman’s shooting took off in this quarter and, ably supported by Sophia Hallam, Witham quickly began to build their score. At half time the score was 8-3. The second half saw Witham’s confidence continue to grow and speedy defender Sienna McAlpine made some spectacular interceptions. The centre court players Issy Blackman, Cecily Hopkins and Emma Garvin all worked hard against the St John’s sometimes feisty central players and, coupled with super shooting and defending the gap in the score opened even further. A brilliant result for the girls saw the end score at 21-4 – congratulations!


Witham Hall  11

Leicester Grammar U10C 1

This was an excellent match from the U10B team who were on fire right from the first whistle. Four girls got their names on the score sheet: Sienna De Gale, Emma Garvin, Jemima Foljambe and Kitty East. However, this was a real team effort: for most of the game the defence stood rock firm with Jemima and Arabella Nolan focussed and intercepting everything that came their way. Hera Chatterton was tireless in the middle, well supported by Kitty, Issy Golland and Cecily Hopkins. Emma Garvin was player of the match with superb attacking play and some pin point accurate shooting – however, this was a tough call as all the girls really rose to the occasion and were a pleasure to coach and umpire. Well done U10Bs!

Witham Hall: 4

S. Anselm’s: 10

S Anselm’s were a strong team and were able to use their height advantage well. They were so much taller than the U10B girls - their shortest player being taller than our tallest player! It was also evident that S. Anselm’s had brought a year 6 team with a lot more netball experience than the Year 5 Witham girls.

 The U10Bs were scoreless in the first quarter due to their inability to spread out and find space, and sloppy passing. However, the girls improved as the game progressed, scoring 1 goal in the 2nd quarter and 2 goals in the 3rd quarter. Their game play improved after realising that finding space, dodging around their opponent and passing the ball over a longer distance created greater game flow and enabled the shooters to have more opportunities at scoring.  Well tried U10Bs – a tough afternoon!