The annual national Key Stage 2 Quiz Club competition – Regional stage

06 Mar 2015

This eagerly anticipated and highly coveted event on the school calendar did not fail to produce the high quality questions and fierce competition we have come to know and expect. 

The team of four pupils (Angus Gordon-Stewart, Richard Tomlinson, Alex Spragg and Sacha Howells capt) was selected from the Witham Hall year group competition round.  Each of the four boys had the highest scores in their respective year group, with many other pupils close behind. 

There were, as you might expect, some very tough questions but our boys answered 80% of the 40 questions correct.  The aim was to work as a team to select the correct answer from four multiple choice options in order to gain maximum marks.  Witham Hall worked incredibly well as a team reaching a very high score of 1280, which was only 60 points behind the winning team (60 points could represent one question because all questions were either worth 20, 40, 60, 80 or 100 points). 

An example of a question for you all to answer: Which continent has the most countries?

The high scoring runners up position means we have a terrific chance of reaching the semi-final where we would join today’s winners, Bedford Modern School.

It was a real pleasure to take such a committed group of boys who were fabulous ambassadors for Witham Hall.

I look forward to reporting back on whether we have reached the semi-final stage.

I would like to thank our parent supporters – Mrs Spragg, Mrs Gordon-Stewart and Mrs Howells.