Peterborough Drama Festival

09 Mar 2015

Around sixty children from Witham Hall School took part in the Peterborough Drama Festival this weekend, with almost every single one of our entries achieving distinctions in their classes and a fantastic eleven trophies won by Witham Hall children. 

The following children were awarded first place with trophies:

·        Bonnie Harris & Ella Chandler winning the Stamford School of Speech and Drama Cup for Duo Acting for their performance of ‘The Glass Slipper’

·        Callum & Issy Wass winning the Millennium Cup for Duo Acting for their performance of ‘The Ride of Your Life’

·        Catherine Swanston winning the Craven Challenge Plate for Solo Acting for her performance of ‘After Juliet’

·        Felicity Bridges Webb & Sophie Wass winning the Playgoers Cup for Duo Verse for their performance of ‘The Rules That Rule the School’

·        Isla Campbell winning the Stamford Studio Speech and Drama Trophy for Solo Acting for her performance of ‘Shakers’

·        Jemima Paganuzzi & Sienne McAlpine winning the Delia Firman Cup for Duo Improvisation

·        Jemima Paganuzzi winning the Joyce Baker Trophy for Verse Speaking for her performance of ‘Amelia the Pirate’

·        Lottie Bingham winning the Tim Hurst Brown Shield for Sight Reading

·        Shivali Patel & Tilly Golland winning the Millie Read Cup for Duo Acting for their performance of ‘The BFG’

·        Shivali Patel winning the Steve Cutts Trophy for Verse Speaking for her performance of ‘All Creatures’

·        Tilly Golland winning the Alan Edgely Memorial Trophy for Prose Reading for her performance of ‘The Little Mermaid’

The following children were awarded 1st, 2nd & 3rd places:

·         Callum Wass: Verse Speaking 2nd place

·         Charlotte Bingham with Isabella Fox: Duo Acting 1st place

·         Chloe Howard with Pippa Thompson: Duo Acting 2nd place

·         Chloe Howard: Prose Reading 3rd place

·         Daisy Smith Maxwell with Kit Chatterton: Duo Acting 2nd place

·         Daisy Smith Maxwell: Verse Speaking 2nd place

·         Eddie Howells: Verse Speaking 3rd place

·         Ella Chandler: Sight Reading 3rd place

·         Ella Chandler: Verse Speaking 2nd place

·         Georgia Blackman: Verse Speaking 3rd place

·         Harriet Darley with Lottie Bingham: Duo Acting 3rd place

·         Harry Thompson with Will Davison: Duo Acting 2nd place

·         Henry Saunders Watson with Isla Campbell: Duo Acting 3rd place

·         Henry Saunders Watson: Solo Acting 3rd place

·         Holly Spragg: Prose Reading 3rd place

·         Isabella Fox with Charlotte Bingham: Duo Acting 1st place

·         Isabelle Blythe with Rosie Johnson: Duo Acting 1st place

·         Isabelle Golland: Prose Reading 3rd place

·         Isla Campbell with Henry Saunders Watson: Duo Acting 3rd place

·         Jamie Garvin with Toby Sumner: Duo Acting 2nd place

·         Jemima Paganuzzi with Sienna McAlpine: Duo Acting 2nd place

·         Jenna Lloyd: Solo Acting 3rd place

·         Joey Robinson with Noah Cooper: Duo Acting 3rd place

·         Joey Robinson: Verse Speaking 2nd place

·         Kit Chatterton with Daisy Smith Maxwell: Duo Acting 2nd place

·         Kit Chatterton: Prose Reading 2nd place

·         Lottie Bingham with Harriet Darley: Duo Acting 3rd place

·         Lottie Bingham: Shakespeare 2nd place

·         Maddie Bryars: Verse Speaking 1st place

·         Max Shippey with Will Chandler: Duo Acting 3rd place

·         Noah Cooper with Joey Robinson: Duo Acting 3rd place

·         Noah Cooper: Verse Speaking 1st place

·         Olivia Burnett: Sight Reading 3rd place

·         Olivia Burnett: Solo Acting 2nd place

·         Pippa Thompson with Chloe Howard: Duo Acting 2nd place

·         Rosie Johnson with Isabelle Blythe: Duo Acting 1st place

·         Rosie Johnson: Solo Acting 2nd place

·         Sacha Howells: Verse Speaking 2nd place

·         Shivali Patel: Prose Reading 3rd place

·         Shivali Patel: Sight Reading 1st place

·         Sienna McAlpine with Jemima Paganuzzi: Duo Acting 2nd place

·         Tilly Golland: Solo Acting 1st place

·         Tilly Golland: Verse Speaking 2nd place

·         Toby Sumner with Jamie Garvin: Duo Acting 2nd place

·         Will Chandler with Max Shippey: Duo Acting 3rd place

·         Will Davison with Harry Thompson: Duo Acting 2nd place