U9 Football Report:

16 Mar 2015


Witham U9A wins 3-1 vs The Peterborough School

The Witham boys started the match brightly, creating quite a few chances. The Peterborough boys stood strong, with their goalkeeper in sensational form. Thanks to an excellent finish from Charlie Rymer, Witham took the lead. But moments later Peterborough pegged them back to 1-1. After half time, the Witham boys upped their game and put Peterborough under a lot of pressure. A corner from Louis Batty deflected off a Peterborough defender and into the goal, giving Witham the lead. Witham continued to pile on the pressure and it paid off and Louis Batty stepped up again to score a fine goal, extending his teams lead to 3-1. A super game all-round, well done U9As!


Witham U9B  draws 2-2 vs The Peterborough School

From start to finish this game was full of drama. Both sets of players worked tirelessly for their teams, but it was Witham who took to lead thanks to a great goal by George Vergerson-Rowley. It was end to end action with Witham goalkeeper Eddie Howells being called into action and making some crucial saves. However, Peterborough’s persistence paid off and they equalised with a fine effort. But Witham didn’t give up, even when they went a second goal down and right in the last dying minutes of the game, it was George Vergerson-Rowley again who somehow got the ball over the line, a just reward for the Witham efforts. This was a great game for the spectators and a wonderful effort by the U9Bs.


Witham U8A wins 6-1 vs St Hugh’s

For many of the U8 boys it was their first time representing Witham Hall in sport, and they were all very excited!  Witham hall got off to a flying start with good passing and possession, working the ball up to the opposition’s goal, creating lots of opportunities to score. Suddenly the ball found the feet of Ned Burford who ran half the length of the pitch to score the opening goal. This was soon followed by James Hayle striking the ball on the edge of the box to make it 2-0. But Witham let their guard down and St Hugh’s scored just before halftime making it 2-1.

In the second half of play St Hugh’s picked up where they left off with plenty of chances to score but just couldn’t finish the job! Suddenly, a pass from Angus Gordon-Stewart,  managed to find an unmarked Ned Burford who scored again, making it his second in the match! After that, the goals just rolled in with Toby Hayle (2 goals) and Freddie St John (1 goal) taking Witham to a comfortable lead when the full-time whistle was blown. Special mention to Henry Farmer who played hard throughout the match making great tackles, and Jack Buik for his communication and great goalie saves.

Well done Witham!


Witham U9/8 loses to Spratton Hall U9B

With a slow start to the game for Witham, Spratton Hall was able to get some balls into the back of the net in the opening 10 minutes of the 1st half. With the assist from Will Chatterton and Richard Tomlinson from the back Witham were able to keep them at bay with a 4-0 lead at half time. In the second half there was a change of pace. Hugo Shippey, George Vergerson-Rowley and Jack Buik led from the front with great passing in between the opposition. Creating pressure, also, was Henry Farmer.  George Alford made good plays on the pitch. Unfortunately Spratton Hall won 8-0, but the score did not reflect on how the Witham Hall U9/8 team played.

Witham Hall U8s lose 0-4 vs Spratton Hall U9 C’s

The Witham boys didn’t stop battling all afternoon against a strong Spratton side. Toby Hayle and Ned Burford were a constant threat in attack with Eddie Howells and Jake Lockett ever present in defence. The boys kept the heads high and worked hard right to the final whistle. Well done boys on very good performance against a strong side.

Witham Hall U8s lose 1-5 vs Leicester Grammar JS

Witham found themselves down by four goals at halftime against a strong under 9 team and needed an urgent injection of fight in the second half. The boys worked tirelessly to keep the opposition at bay and surged forward on each attack going close on numerous occasions. Fred Shippey and Aidan Robinson in particular dominated the midfield and provided a golden opportunity for James Hayle to equalise and he duly obliged. Witham continued to surge forward and dominated the possession but unfortunately time ran out. There was a much improved second half from the boys who ended up drawing this period of play 1-1. Thank you to the parents for all their support and to Leicester Grammar for hosting.