Catch up with U9 girl’s netball news!

16 Mar 2015

Witham Hall U9A wins 4-2 v Ranby House

Witham hosted Ranby and Stamford for a triangular fixture this Saturday. As the rain stopped the netball began with Stamford and Ranby playing first. Witham’s first match was against Ranby; the girls battled hard in this match with quite a lot of scrappy play. Witham kept their cool though and with composure in the circle both Bella and Josie scored. Daisy did will to keep up with a fast centre and Matilda started to find her space playing WA.

Witham Hall U9A lose 0-2 v Stamford JS

In the final game of the afternoon Witham met Stamford Junior. Stamford had some very tall and very skilful players, and after Stamford beat Ranby so comfortably Witham were a tad anxious. Stamford got off to a strong start and had the majority of the attacking play. Witham’s marking was good but lacked a little in the circle. Gigi made some fantastic interceptions and when we got the ball into the centre court we displayed some lovely play. Stamford’s GD was very strong and cut out almost all of Witham’s attacking play resulting in Witham barely getting a shot away! This was a very close match and Witham worked really hard all afternoon – well done girls.

Witham Hall U9A wins 10 - 3 v Bedford Modern

Witham Hall had a lovely fixture against Bedford Modern on a windy Saturday afternoon. Witham made a very strong start winning the first quarter 3-0 with Bella and Josie both putting goals away. Bedford had two strong shooters and managed to score two in the second quarter whilst Witham scored another 3. Gigi had her best game yet showing some lovely footwork and great interceptions. Witham’s defence was strong throughout with some great marking from Charlotte and Daisy who have also shown a great deal of progression and are becoming very versatile players. Poppy played well in centre court with Matilda feeding the ball into our shooters. The final score was 10-3 to Witham and Bedford voted Bella as player of the match.

Witham Hall U9A/B wins 4-0 vs Wellow House

The girls started well with Rose Brassey and Sophie Marshall passing the ball successfully down the court to Josie Turner to score the first goal rapidly. In the second quarter, the girls continued to defend well especially GD star Maddie Bryars. At half time it was 2-0. The Witham attacking players carried on showing superb teamwork and Eleanor Tickler and Isabella Beattie started to form little routines to feed the ball into the ‘D’. Matilda Craven and Josie Turner worked well as a shooting pair helping each other aim at goal. The final score was 4-0 to Witham. Well played girls!

Witham Hall U9A/B wins 13-1 vs The Peterborough School

Team : Maddie Bryars, Isabella Beattie, Bella Fox, Gigi Granger, Charlotte Bingham, Matilda Craven, Sophie Marshall, Poppy Wraith 

The girls played very well indeed against Peterborough HS.  The Under 9 team travelled with the 1st Team Senior Witham side and they were warmed up by them too!  What a treat!  In the first two quarters, Witham were in control.  The shooting team soon got their eye in and Sophie Marshall, Bella Fox and later Isabella Beattie were working very hard together and scored some magnificent shots.  Mid court; Poppy Wraith , Tilly Craven and Maddie Bryars made some accurate strong passing through to the attacking third, with great back up from Gigi Granger and Charlotte Bingham.  The marking and flow of the ball were all accurate and the passing was first class.  The second half was just as good and Witham showed skill, good tactical play and confidence.  Final Score :  Witham 13 Bedford Modern 1.   

Well done to all the girls and thank you to all our wonderful parents and supporters, who came to watch the team in action!

 Witham Hall U9B/8 loses 1-4 vs Spratton Hall

The first quarter this game could have gone either way. Both teams were equally matched and there was lots of competition for the ball. Towards the end of the quarter though, Spratton found some holes in the Witham defence and scored 2 goals quickly. The Witham centre court players of Rose Brassey, Millie Atkinson, Eleanor Tickler and Lilia Dunn tried hard to win the ball back but were a little too nice not snatching the ball away from their opposition. Bit by bit Witham became more determined to get the ball. The defence pair of Maddie Bryars and Rose Allport performed some great interceptions in the D, stopping Spratton from having more chances at goal. When Witham attacked they did it well, with some beautiful patterns down the court. Charlotte Welch and Isabella Beattie had some good shots of goal, but it took us to the last quarter to get a goal in, shot by Isabella. The girls did well but the closely fought game was won by Spratton 4-1.

Witham U9B loses 1-3 v Stamford JS

The match against Stamford was close yet low scoring with Isabella Beattie scoring the only goal, in the 3rd quarter. Their sense of drive seemed to be lacking which was demonstrated when the girls missed several opportunities to seize stray balls. Our defensive pressure was strong, finding multiple intercepts, however their inability to utilise these turnovers to their advantage led to some missed opportunities. The girls found it difficult to use the amount of space available, and instead resorted to a lot of crowding and standing still whilst demanding the ball, which made it difficult to find a free player to pass to. The girls really needed to remember and put into action, the skills of dodging and making space that they have been practising in training throughout the term so far.     

Witham Hall U9B/10B wins 8-0 vs Bedford Modern U9B

Team :  Kitty East, Sienna De Gale, Jemima Foljambe, Rose Brassey, Maddie Bryars, Isabella Beattie, Sophie Marshall, , Millie Atkinson, Eleanor Tickler (ill)

The girls played a super game of netball against Bedford Modern.  In the first quarter, the shooting was accurate and the passing was super quick.  Isabella Beattie shot very well indeed and certainly took her time, which was great.  The passing all the way from the back end of the court from Kitty East, Maddie Bryars, Jemima Foljambe through to mid court players; Rose Brassey, Sienna De Gale and Sophie Marshall was slick and accurate.  After the first quarter the score was 3-0 to Witham.  Millie Atkinson soon whizzed over from the U8 game to join the team and Sienna De Gale was selected to head over to the Senior courts, which brought about a few positional changes.  The changes did not upset the flow and by three quarter time, the score was 8-0.  The final quarter was steady and the girls were starting to get a little bit tired.  Millie Atkinson made some excellent first time passes through to the shooters and the play was steady and skilful!  A super game overall.  Final Score :  Witham 8 Bedford Modern 0. 

Well done to all the girls and thank you to all our wonderful parents and supporters, who came to watch the team in action!

Witham U8A lose 7-8 vs S. Anselm’s 

The other week the U8 team played their first match away at Worksop Prep against S. Anselm’s. As both teams had 6 players we played 6 a side netball so all the girls played the whole match. The girls had a solid attacking team with Lilia Dunn and Millie Atkinson at GA and C who fed the ball successfully down the court to Charlotte Welch at GS. By the end of the first quarter, Witham were winning 2-1. The defenders had a slightly harder time as the S. Anselm’s attack was very quick and smooth. Rose Allport and Matilda Halford tried their best to stop the goals but by half time it was 5-4 to S. Anslem’s. However, a quick swap around and team talk inspired the girls to keep going. Mollie Deaton scored a further 2 goals as she was swapped to GA. With minutes to the final whistle the score was 7-7, and then right before the whistle went S. Anselm’s found the net one more time. The final score was 8-7 to S. Anselm’s. A very close and exciting match for their first time out as a team! Well done girls.

Witham U8A/B wins 13-0 vs Bedford Modern  

The Year 3s had a great match against Bedford last Saturday. After a slow start the girls were superstars in the second half. Mollie Deaton scored the first 2 goals and Lilia Dunn the third. The defenders, Rachel Leckey and Matilda Halford did a great job of protecting the goal and intercepted many passes. After the half time break Lilia scored 4 more goals, Rose Allport another 3 goals and Izzie Leverton also got 3. In total Witham won 13-0.

Witham U8A/B wins 3-1 vs St Hugh’s 

On Wednesday a different group of Year 3 girls played against St Hughs. St Hugh’s started well scoring the first goal of the game. Witham then started to speed up their play and Izzie Leverton quickly equalised. The girls continued to play well and Izzie worked well with Rosie Johnson in the D and scored a second goal for Witham. Rachel Leckey and Rose Allport were also a fantastic defencing team intercepting many of the St Hugh’s passes. Through the centre Isabelle Blythe and Shivali Patel fed the ball well down to the attacking third. In the final quarter Charlotte Welch scored the girls final goal, finishing the match at 3-1 to Witham.