Solar Eclipse 2015

20 Mar 2015

After varied weather reports and smog cloud concerns, apparently Lincolnshire was the place to be to observe the partial solar eclipse!

Staff and pupils made the most of clear blue spring skies (also coinciding with the spring equinox) to watch the celestial phenomenon.

The science department had rigged up a mirror projection system and demonstrated the use of a colander for viewing. There was also a laptop with a live link to an eclipse webcam, just in case.

The holes in the blinds in the Apple IT Room created an unexpected camera obscura effect too.

Several pupils had managed to obtain eclipse viewing glasses, which they shared generously, and some had made their own pinhole camera devices.

All pupils in the prep school were able to view the eclipse at some point and some were allowed to watch the BBC Stargazing Live show too.

A very informative and enjoyable morning was had by all and we now also know that we can dispense with the idea that all creatures are silent during an eclipse!


Mr Nolan & Mr Gent