Dear Parents, Re: Pre Season Cricket, Rounders and Tennis Training - Updated 17.04.2015

17 Apr 2015

Dear Parents,

Re: Pre Season Cricket, Rounders and Tennis Training

Please see below pre-season training dates for Years 5-8 and a confirmation of timings. Please note that rounders and cricket pre-season training is open to all children in year groups as indicated. Pre-season Tennis training, on the other hand, is for tennis players that can already rally and serve properly. Please bring a drink and snack to all these sessions.


9AM-12PM: Pre-season Tennis Training: Year 7 & 8 boys and girls (advanced team tennis squad players only)

12.30-15.00: Pre-season Tennis Training: Year 6 boys, Year 7 & 8 girls and boys (development squad team tennis players, boys aspiring to be in team tennis from years 6, 7&8, Junior team tennis boys)


10.15AM-12.15PM: Pre-season Tennis Training: Year 6, 7 & 8 Girls (girls in years 6, 7 & 8 that are team tennis players or aspiring team tennis players and Junior Team Tennis girls, are invited)

2-6PM: Year 7 & 8 CRICKET pre-season training

1-6PM: Year 7 & 8 ROUNDERS pre-season training (bring a picnic if staying on from tennis)

2-6PM: Year 5 & 6 ROUNDERS pre-season training (first U11A IAPS match: Wed 22nd April at home)


If you are attending pre-season rounders or cricket training and are a weekly boarder, please contact Mr Marie directly on should you wish your son/daughter to board on the Tuesday night after pre-season.


Pre-season training will give staff a chance to ensure that children are placed in the best team tennis groups for their ability. I will contact parents directly if it seems that a child is placed in the wrong group.

Yours sincerely,

Lisa Edwards