House Charity Fundraising for BDHRA

23 Apr 2015

At the beginning of the Lent term I asked my mentor group to come up with firstly a charity they would like to support, and secondly how they would like to raise money for said charity. Cecily Hopkins came up with a compelling proposition to raise money for a charity her mother works closely with; the BDHRA (Bedford district handicapped riders association). The rest of the group were easily convinced by Cecily’s idea, as was I, so we took this forward and came up with idea of ‘guess the name’ for a large stuffed pony. Once the list of names for the pony had been compiled with the help of my mentor group and the staff room, we started selling names for £2 a guess. The support from the whole school was outstanding with children in every year group having a guess, along with parents, staff and governors. However, Sammie Morris luckily guessed the correct name and got to take Magic the pony home with her at the end of the Lent term. Thanks to everyone’s support we managed to raise a total of £237.25 for the BDHRA. The money will go towards supporting disabled and handicapped adults and children of all ages to have a better quality of life, have new experiences, build core muscles through riding and most of all, enjoy themselves!

Miss J Stanton