Inspired by the 2012 Olympics

29 Apr 2015

In the Easter holidays, Alice Farmer in year 6 headed down to Olympic Park to compete in the National Schools’ Biathlon Championships, for which she had qualified earlier in the year. She took part in a 400m run along the South Lawn and a 50m swim in the Aquatics Centre. Both of these places were where the ‘stars’ competed 3 years before in the 2012 Olympic Games. Alice competed in the run first and completed it in 2m 56s, placing her in 25th. She then took part in the swim and swam the length in 46s. It was a little different to normal as it was a 50m pool so she didn’t have to turn in the middle – but it made it feel a very long way! Overall, Alice was placed 92nd out of 125 competitors. This was a fantastic achievement at National level and an amazing opportunity to compete at Olympic Park.