U11 Rounders Report

05 May 2015


Witham Hall                      18

Magdalene House          9

Witham Hall      15 ½

Stamford JS        9 ½

The U11A rounders’ team has made a promising start to the term and already practices are proving to be paying off, as evidence of skill improvement has been seen in our matches.

Firstly, the team faced Magdalene House in the first round of the IAPS Competition on the first day of term. Thankfully lots of keen girls had come along to some pre-season training so they were not as rusty as they might have been! The game got off to a storming start with Witham getting the first three batsmen out on their first turns! The triangle worked well for both innings with Harriet bowling very well and demanding a lot from her opposing batsmen. Alice was a tower of strength at back stop and altogether six batsmen were stumped out at 1st by Georgia as a result of excellent triangle work. There were some first class catches in the field: Ella (3), Sophie (2) and Alice (1).

The girls only needed one innings to score 18 rounders and many of them stayed in for a long, long time making it very difficult for Magdalene House to get the Witham team all out.  The batsmen that really made a difference were: Harriet (4 ½), Alice (4), Lottie (2 ½) and Kate and Ella with two each.

Secondly, we played Stamford JS with a slightly altered team giving some new faces a chance to experience an A team game. Isabella Mickelwright was a consistent force in the middle of the pitch and bowled with increasing pace as the match progressed. Ella had an outing as back stop and made some excellent throws to 1st and 2nd bases – Georgia was particularly quick handed at 1st stumping four girls out and making a catch. Ella also took two catches, one at full stretch with just one hand! Jemima and Bonnie both had good games in the field either moving onto second post or in the field.  Sophie kept the deep field on track all game and her long throw is really improving in its strength and accuracy. With the bat, the girls made regular contact with the ball but lacked strength in the first innings – it was great to see improvement in this area in the second innings. The most successful were: Ella (4); Sophie (3 ½) and Bonnie (2 ½). Isabella showed real promise with the bat with some excellent hits, but now needs to run harder and convert her chances. Well done U11As – a good win!


Witham Hall   12

Maidwell Hall             17 ½

The first match of the season saw the Under 11 B and C teams travel to Maidwell. Witham won the toss and put Maidwell into bat. Witham were a little slow to respond in the field at the beginning of the innings allowing Maidwell to score quite a few half rounders. The throwing to the posts was not terribly accurate and the movement of the feet to get into position to make a long barrier was slow meaning the ball was miss-fielded. When Witham came into bat they were much more positive and everyone managed to hit the ball resulting in the score being eight and a half rounders to five and a half in favour of Maidwell at the turn around.

In the second innings Maidwell hit the ball more confidently and some poor fielding meant they scored freely finishing on seventeen and a half rounders. Again the Witham players managed to mostly hit the ball; unfortunately it was straight at the fielders meaning that Maidwell ran out the winners.

Witham Hall   12  ½

Stamford        9

The first home fixture of the rounders season saw Witham take on Stamford. Witham were put into bat and started positively with Zara Williams scoring a half rounder and gaining another half for obstruction by a Stamford fielder. The Stamford bowler took some time to get into her rhythm and gave away three rounders. As the innings progressed the Witham batsmen got their eye in and Mia Paylor, Chloe Howard and Sophia Hallam all scored rounders from good hits. The Stamford team only managed to score one full rounder and eight half rounders to make the score eight and a half to five in favour of Witham after the first innings.

The fielding by both teams was much better in the second innings and both teams scored two full and four half rounders. This was an even game with some good fielding by both teams. Particular mention must go to Sophia Hallam as a consistent bowler and Sienna Mc Alpine for some excellent fielding.


Witham Hall: 19 ½ rounders

Maidwell Hall: 11 rounders

On Saturday the U11C rounders team played away against Maidwell and were evidently the more experienced team. Witham started off the match batting first, achieving 9 ½ rounders in the first innings. Katie Wraith, Kitty East and Ffion Trundell were key hitters in the game, each scoring at least one full rounder. Their fielding was far stronger than Maidwell in terms of knowing how to effectively apply suitable strategies and tactics, enabling them to prevent the opposition from scoring. The girls could have backed up each other a little better when long balls were thrown, preventing the ball from rolling further along the ground if a ball was not caught. Sienna McAlpine, Katie Wraith and Ffion Trundell were always switched on and did a fantastic job preventing rounders from being scored, making some brilliant catches and stoppages.  Mia Paylor and Georgina Eatch also displayed fantastic communication between the team and both worked well together as bowler and backstop. Overall the U11 C girl’s first game was a good start to the season.