Election Fever hits Witham!

06 May 2015

Theme week has seen the Prep children preparing for their own ‘General Election 2015’.  From their starting point last Tuesday, each Year group has worked hard to form their own party name, vote for their leader, and produce a five point manifesto outlining how they would change Witham Hall School if they were ‘in power.’ They are now campaigning hard for 48 hours to convince fellow pupils to vote for their leader!  Posters have been published around the school clearly showing the various party messages – their persuasive language delighting English Department!  Assembly on Thursday will see the party leaders give a pitch to the Prep school pupils as to why they should gain their vote (which can only be for a candidate outside of their own year group).  Questions will be taken from the floor to allow the children to enjoy a flavour of debating.  Voting cards and ballot boxes, at a designated poll station, will then be available from lunchtime for the pupils to experience at first-hand how a vote in conducted. To see the children fully engaged in the experience of learning about democracy and how the General Election operates has been very pleasing!