The Prep Election!

11 May 2015

The Witham Hall Prep Election concluded with the winners being announced at assembly on Friday 8th May, just as the General Election result itself was taking shape!
Throughout the day on Thursday, each party worked hard to secure the votes of their peers and thereby ‘win’ the Election and ultimately ‘control’ the future plans for Witham Hall! There were some marvellous manifestos confidently presented to the whole school and it was tough to decide who to vote for. Each party leader was so convincing – even Freddie Sumner was prepared to commit to such comments as ‘we will deliver our promises on time and on budget!’ The party leaders also had to respond to questions from the floor and all answered them very well.
Voting took place from lunchtime on Thursday and 169 pupils and staff chose to post their vote at the polling station (Resources Room). Pupils had to vote for a year group outside of their own. The votes were counted late last night.
Congratulations to the Year 8 party of Pupil’s Independence, who secured a winning total of 45 votes. The relatively even spread of votes was a real testimony to the efforts of all involved– well done.
It has been a superb week. The pupils really have engaged themselves throughout the whole process and they have learnt a lot about democracy, using persuasive language and the art of debate.
My thanks to all the form tutors and subject teaching staff for their hard work in helping the children prepare and learn about the General Election and how it could be applied to their school life.
IN – 8th May 2015