Catch up with U11A Rounders:

22 May 2015


Witham Hall 14

Bedford Girls’ School 11

This was a very good match with some quality play displayed throughout from both teams. Bedford batted first and notched up a good 6 ½ rounders. Three Bedford batsman were punished for missing the ball and stumped out at 1st by Georgia Blackman after excellent throws from Alice Farmer. More stumpings were seen at 3rd and 4th bases as our players really thought about their positioning and movement from the out-field to the in-field. Bedford was also strong in the field and as we kept hitting directly out to between 2nd and 3rd posts to their strongest fielders, we made their life a little too easy. However six of the Witham team managed to get on the score sheet and took our total up to 7 rounders. It was all very tense. In the second innings our fielding was once again very tight and we kept Bedford at 4 ½ rounders. The girls then rose magnificently to the batting challenge and were much better at hitting into space rather than at the fielders. Once again it was six of the nine girls that made the difference to the score line with their excellent hits – Harriet (3), Sophie (2 ½), Ella and Alice (2), Georgia (1 ½) and Jemima (1). Well done girls!

Witham Hall 16 ½

Laxton Js 14

This was very much a match of two halves – the first far more enjoyable for Mrs Edwards and the Witham supporters that the second! In the first innings there was some spectacular hitting from Alice Farmer (3 ½), Harriet Anthony (2 ½ ) and Gerogia Blackman (1 ½) in particular. The girls notched up a good total of 11 rounders, that arguably might have been 12! In the field the girls managed to restrict Laxton to 4 ½ rounders with fine bowling from Harriet, a couple of excellent stumpings out at first base by Georgia after superb throws from Alice at back stop, a couple more stumpings out at 3rd base by Sophie Hamilton moving in from the out-field and an epic catch in deep field from Jemima Paganuzzi.

Then it all went badly wrong! Our batting in the second innings was well below standard and we only scored 5 ½ rounders. In the field Laxton suddenly started to smash the ball all over the place and the Witham girls panicked! Random throws and missed catches were seen too often. Bonnie Harris managed to take a catch and stump a player out, Alice too managed a catch and Lottie Sharman a tidy piece of fielding. However, that was the best of a very weak fielding innings. The girls were lucky to hang on for a victory!

Witham Hall 10

S. Anselm’s 8

This was a victory, but not one to be remembered for any particular style or spirit. Whichever way one looks at this game it was lacklustre. High points included a couple of catches from Harriet Anthony, excellent hits from Kate Harris (3 ½) and lots of stumpings out at second by Bonnie Harris in the second innings. Without any doubt Ella Chandler deserved her player of the team vote for both her fielding and batting performance which held the team together throughout. More ‘will’, desire and spirit will be needed in the team’s next games.

Witham Hall  13 ½

Spratton Hall 6

The game was won with an innings to spare.

At last the team have shown some real spirit and spark and what a difference this made. Their play was a pleasure to watch and even when mistakes were made the immediate effort to rectify the situation and get the ball back into play and attack was spot on. The triangle of Harriet, Alice and Georgia collected 7 ‘scalps’ from missed balls with Georgia stumping a couple more after short hits and quick feeds from Harriet. There was a catch in the field from Ella who let very little by her between 2nd and 3rd. Sophie fielded superbly both out in the deep and moving in onto  3rd. However this was a real team effort with spirit and teamwork evident throughout: Jemima, Kate, Bonnie and Mia (in her first A team game) were all active and alert all game.

With the bat those managing the highest scores in our one innings were: Alice (3 ½); Ella (2); Bonnie and Georgia (1 ½). All the girls showed great attack with the bat making sure that they ran fast between the posts and got off 2nd post freeing it up for the next batsman. Well done U11As!