U11B & C Rounders Report:

05 Jun 2015


Witham  9 1/2  

Laxton  6

The Under11 B team played against Laxton on a lovely sunny Wednesday afternoon. Laxton batted first and managed to score only one and a half rounders. This was due to some excellent bowling by Sophia Hallam who did not give away any half rounders through no balls. The standard of fielding was very impressive with everyone making a contribution. The Laxton bowler was equally accurate and good fielding kept the Witham score down to two and a half rounders at the end of their first innings. Both teams, in their second innings, were able to hit the ball more forcefully enabling Laxton to add four and a half rounders to their total. Witham’s batting improved greatly in the second innings with Lulie Pumphrey, Bella Fox, Taggie Paganuzzi and Cecily Hopkins all scoring important rounders.

Everyone fielded extremely well to enable the team to secure a good win.

Witham 9

St Anselm’s 6

This was a convincing win for the Witham team. All of the team managed to hit the ball and score either a half or full rounder. The S. Anselm’s girls found it difficult to make contact with the bat. They were unable to score any rounders after hitting the ball; their only scores were from no-balls. The whole Witham team played extremely well and deserved their win.

Spratton Hall 8 ½

Witham 6

The two teams were very evenly matched; both fielded extremely well and restricted the scoring of the opposition to single figures in the first innings. Spratton had a couple of left handers who hit the ball cleanly down the vicious slope, meaning they were able to score easy rounders. Unfortunately the Witham girls were unable to match the hitting of Spratton and lost a close game.


Witham U10A won 21 – 12

Team:  Captain – Sienna McAlpine, Mia Paylor, Lulie Pumphrey, Georgina Eatch, Katie Wraith, Bella Fox, Sienna De Gale, Ffion Trundell, Poppy Wraith

Captain Sienna McAlpine won the toss and Bedford went into bat first.  After a few shaky moments, Witham soon got into their fielding routine.  Deep fielders Ffion Trundell, Bella Fox, Poppy Wraith, Sienna De Gale and Katie Wraith were throwing the ball accurately into the base players, which certainly kept the score down.  Mia Paylor’s bowling was as consistent as ever, with some super- fast balls through to back stop Georgina Eatch, who was steady and calm at the back.  Lulie Pumphrey on first was tight and quick, ready to stump the first post, if she got a chance.  Sienna McAlpine was safe in the field, with some outstanding long barrier stops and throw ins to second base.  After one batting innings, Witham kept Bedford down to just 4 rounders.  Witham went into bat, after a bit of advice from Mrs Welch on not taking chances!  Witham got into the swing of things and soon started to clock up the half rounders.  Lulie Pumphrey and Sienna McAlpine were Witham’s most consistent hitters.  After 28 balls, Witham scored 8 ½ rounders.  A good start.  Bedford went into bat for their second innings and their strongest player soon got her eye in!  She scored 3 rounders from 3 balls!  Consistent hitting and a few mistakes in the Witham field led Bedford to a further 8 rounders, giving them a total of 12 rounders.  Witham went back into bat and had to keep their heads.  Steady hitting and full rounders from Mia Paylor, Sienna McAlpine, Ffion Trundell and Poppy Wraith, gave Witham the match.  The final score was Witham 21, Bedford 12.  A super game throughout.  Well done to all the U10A team!  Thank you to all our parents and supporters who came to watch the game, on a rather chilly summer’s day!

Witham Hall U10 won vs Spratton Hall

What a fantastic match played by the girls, not just in terms of skill but also because of the incredible spirit of sportsmanship displayed by the girls in their win. The team had improved immensely from previous matches. What particularly impressed was the team’s progress in their fielding. We had much tighter work in the field this match which led to an amazing feat of fielding and stumping out 7 players in the first innings and 8 in the second. We also saw some great progress made in the decision making of the girls when batting and in their awareness of what was happening in the field as they ran. This led us to scoring some great rounders and lots of half rounders which gave us with the final winning score of 8.5 to 6. The girls should be extremely proud of the way they played and have improved. Definitely a match to remember!    


Witham won 19-11 ½ b Bedford Girls’

Team :  Captain – Katie Wraith, Ffion Trundell, Hera Chatterton, Emma Garvin, Jemima Foljambe, Sienna De Gale, Kitty East, Arabella Nolan, Issy Golland, Poppy Wraith

Witham lost the toss, so we went into bat straight away.  Jemima Foljambe, soon got us going with the score line, with a quick half rounder and then the rest followed by Emma Garvin, Kitty East, Poppy Wraith and Katie Wraith, which was super.  Witham batted really sensibly and there were some full rounders from Ffion Trundell, Emma Garvin and Kitty East, which was super.  Witham finished with 11 rounders after their innings, which was a good score.  Witham went into the field, with determination and belief.  Witham were communicating and working as one, which was the base of a solid fielding team.  Jemima Foljambe was excellent at 2nd base, stopping most of the half rounders.  Deep fielders, Hera Chatterton, Sienna De Gale, Ffion Trundell, Arabella Nolan and Emma Garvin were fantastic, stopping the ball with long barriers and throwing in accurately to base players.  ‘Team Wraith’ in the middle of the rounder’s pitch, with the combination of Katie as bowler and Poppy as backstop who certainly worked together and this led to very few rounders scored.    Issy Golland was tight on fourth post, which also stopped the full rounder!  After one innings, the score was Witham 11, Bedford 6.  Witham had to keep their heads and believe in their strengths and abilities!  Witham went back into bat and scored another super 8 rounders!  Full rounders by Ffion, Sienna De Gale (2) and Poppy Wraith – brilliant!  Witham had a total of 19.  Bedford went back into bat and just couldn’t get it past our fielding team.  They scored a further 5 ½ rounder’s, which gave them a total of 11 ½.  Witham won 19 rounder’s to Bedford 11 ½ rounder’s.  Well done all players, a fantastic game throughout.  Thank you to all our parents and supporters who came to watch the game.  Well done everyone!

Witham: 9

S. Anselms: 22 ½

The U10 team had a tough match against S. Anselm’s who were evidently a much stronger side. The U10 team’s batting and fielding was below average; missing a lot of good balls bowled to them, as well as some slow paced fielding. 27 good balls were set to be played but sadly in both innings the girls were all played out by the 24th ball. This was mainly due to some of the risky decisions that the girls made when running between posts, resulting in them being stumped out at 2nd or 3rd post. It appeared that the girls were having an off day as they were definitely playing below the standard that they usually do.

WITHAM: 12 ½


On Wednesday the 9th of May the U10s played at home against the U11C Laxton team. The girls put up a tough fight whilst fielding in the second innings but couldn’t quite make the comeback that they needed. Although the girls lost by 6 and half rounders, their fielding in the second innings demonstrated their will to do their best and to not give up-it was the best play I have seen all term and they really came together as a team. In total the girls stumped out 7 Laxton players by Jemima Foljambe doing a fantastic job on second post and with the help of the rest of the team’s excellent fielding. Laxton scored two rounders less than they did in the first innings through Witham’s tight fielding and ability to get the ball back quickly to their team mates.  Sophie Marshall and Poppy Wraith worked as a wonderful year 4 duo as bowler and backstop, both using excellent communication within the team. Poppy Wraith also caught out a Laxton girl, contributing to a total of 8 being played out. Ffion Trundell and Sienna de Gale were stars at batting; scoring 4 full rounders each. Witham batted first achieving 8 rounders and Laxton scoring ten and a half, and in the second innings Witham scored four and a half rounders. Regardless of the score, the girls should be very proud of how they played in the second innings as a team.