Witham Hall Year 2,3&4 Athletics Competition v Wellow House, Lincoln Minster Prep and Laxton JS

14 Jun 2015

 On the last day of the first half term Witham Hall hosted our annual invitational athletics competition. Laxton Junior School, Lincoln Minster Prep and Wellow House all joined us for a very enjoyable afternoon of athletics.

The year 2 teams did very well, especially considering this was their first inter-school athletics event. The girls’ team placed 3rd overall with Poppy coming 2nd in hurdles. The year 2 boys entered an A and a B team; both teams had lots of success, particularly Archie who won his hurdles and long jump, Oliver who won the ball throw, and the whole team winning the relay.

The year 3 teams did very well; Millie and Rose came 1st and 2nd in their long jump event; Lilia and Charlotte were placed 1st and 3rd respectively in the ball throw, Lilia also placing 2nd in the hurdles, and Matilda 2nd in the high stepper. The year 3 girls narrowly missed out on the team event 1st place to Laxton Junior School. The year 3 boys had more success and placed 1st over-all in a very close competition. Freddie came 1st in hurdles and 2nd in long jump; Henry came 1st in the ball throw; Ned came 2nd in the high stepper, and the A team won their relay.

In year 4 the girls worked well as a team supporting each other and narrowly missing out on 1st place. Sophie came 2nd in hurdles; Matilda came 1st in ball throw with Gigi in 2nd. The boys won their team event convincingly with Louis winning the hurdles, George winning the shuttle run, Hugo winning the high stepper, Charlie winning the long jump and Ben coming 2nd in the 600m.

Whilst the team events continued as normal throughout the afternoon we also ran a Heptathlon alongside the main competition. Each team put forward their best year 4 athlete to compete against the best athletes from the other teams in a sprint, hurdles, 600m, long jump and ball throw. Our year 4 girl from the A team was Bella who won her hurdles, long jump and ball throw and came 2nd in 50m winning the girls’ Heptathlon. Daisy was our B team competitor who won the 50m, came 2nd in long jump and 600m, and 3rd in hurdles winning her 2nd place. James represented the B team for the boys and came 3rd in ball throw and long jump against a tough field. Josh did particularly well, coming 1st in every event bar 600m where he placed 2nd, earning 1st place in the Heptathlon.

It was a brilliant afternoon demonstrating the strength and depth of talent in all of the athletes. Thank you to Mrs Edwards for organising such a great event and to all of the staff and year 7 helpers. 

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