25 Aug 2015


Pre-season training:

This will take place on Friday 28th August (9am-3pm). This rugby and hockey training is open to ALL children in years 7&8. While it is not compulsory it is a very positive way to start the term, get fit, hone skills and begin to feel involved with the Witham teams. The newly moulded OPRO mouth guards will be given out on your children’s arrival. Please bring your own mouth guard if you were not fitted with a new one. Boys should meet at the pavilion and girls by the astro.

KIT: please wear Witham Sports kit for pre-season. Boys should have their trainers and boots with them and girls their trainers and astro boots.

FOOD: ALL children should bring a packed lunch, drinks and snacks.

SUPPLEMENTARY KIT: depending on the weather please bring sun cream/Witham cap/ waterproof/change of clothes/warm layers.

The Senior Rugby Coaches next term will be:

1st XV: Mr Welch

2nd XV: Mr Nicholas

The Senior Hockey Coaches next term will be:

1st XI/VII: Mr Gent

2nd XI/2nd & 3rd VIIs: Mrs Morgan Jones/Miss Rafferty

The Hockey and Rugby Tours

These will take place on 11th-13th September (girls) and 12th/13th September (boys). The boys’ tour will involve a match on the Saturday against Woodhouse Grove and then a match v Sedbergh Prep on the Sunday. The girls’ tour will involve matches against Brandeston Hall (Friday), a pre-season tournament at Orwell Park on the Saturday and activities at Colchester Zoo on the Sunday. Some details are in the calendar and more will follow with the selection letters that will be sent out on or around 6th September.

We hope as many children as possible will attend pre-season training. However, should this not be possible then please kindly email Mrs Edwards on .