Witham Hall and Kiri Bah Ler – Partnership Launch

23 Sep 2015

Launch Logo

We were delighted to welcome Mr Jack Clark, the Partnership Director of United World Schools, to Witham Hall on Tuesday morning to launch, first to parents and then to the school, our exciting and bespoke partnership with the Kiri Bah Ler community in remote, northern Cambodia. From today, we will work with UWS to build a school for Kiri Bah Ler, and in doing so establish and develop sustainable relationships to greatly benefit the community, and at the same time enhance the opportunities, experiences and understanding in our children of the world around them, giving them first-hand experience to develop the skills and understanding they increasingly need to thrive in a global society.

Kiri Bah Ler village is made up of 178 families with a population of around 600. The community belong to the Kavat tribe, and is located in the province of Stung Treng in Northern Cambodia. The nearest large village that would appear on maps is Siem Pang and the community of Kiri Bah Ler is around 8km North East from there. The community that currently have no access to education.

Witham Hall will be partnered exclusively with Kiri Bah Ler School. We have pledged to raise £16,000 over the 2015/16 academic year to build the school. In future years the school will aim to raise £5,000 annually. This pays for UWS to build a safe school with three classrooms and the opportunity to educate up to 200 children a day. It also pays for library and text books as well as the salaries, training and development of local teachers. These teachers are chosen by the community but trained by UWS. Every Witham pupil will be able to play a part in realising this ambition, and bring their own ideas to the initiative. Moreover, the project provides opportunities to visit Kiri Bah Ler, which may be of particular interest to Witham children when they move on to senior schools, or for GAP year experience, or indeed beyond. Staff are parents are equally welcome.

The project is long term, visual and sustainable. We look forward to a partnership that the Witham Hall community, by changing young lives through education, can be proud to be influencing so positively, parallel to which a Witham education is further enriched.

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