Terrific Start in Rugby and Hockey by Witham Senior Boys and Girls!

16 Sep 2014


Witham Hall 2nd VII v Bourne Academy U13A

WHS: 4
BA: 2

This match was certainly one of 2 halves with Witham clearly the stronger side in the first half. Witham attacked well and played to their strengths with Lydia Plant (C) and Chica Maitland clearing the ball wide from the back out to the wings who fed the ball back into Anya Batty at the top of the D to have a shot. Anya scored 2 superb goals in the first half placing them in the bottom corner past Bourne Academy’s county standard goal keeper.

In the second half Bourne Academy really pulled their socks up and had the majority of the attacking play. They narrowly missed out on a goal that would have been allowed if it wasn’t for the recent own goal rule changes. Jojo Chawner grew in confidence as the match progressed and often found herself having a shot on goal. A scrappy battle in our attacking D led to a 3rd goal all contributed to by Olivia Burnett, Anya and Jojo. In the final 2 minutes the intensity had risen and Bourne Academy had momentum, looking strong on the ball. Luckily Witham rose to the challenge and Anya came in to score her 3rd slotting the ball into the far right corner from across the D. A brilliant way to finish the game; well-done team!


3rd VII Hockey v Bourne Academy U13B

Score :  Witham 3  (Goal scorers:  Tilly Conant, Holly Spragg, Izzy Wass)  Bourne Academy 0

 The 3rd VII Hockey team set off to a good start in their first match against Bourne Academy.  Under the Captaincy of Isla Campbell, ‘Team Fantastic’ involving Tilly Conant, Izzy Wass, Fraser Hakney - GK, Andrea Arenas Santos, Holly Spragg, Abi Leverton, Sophia Howard and Sienna Bowman were certainly on their way to a super season ahead!

The first half ‘Team Fantastic’ played the ball around sensibly, keeping to the game plan and certainly showing some lovely set plays from defence through to attack.  Defensively, Isla Campbell and Abbie Leverton were strong and Bourne could not break through.  Mid players; Tilly Conant, Holly Spragg and Andrea Arenas Santos  and centre forward,  Izzy Wass kept the channel runs going, which certainly gave our forward team lots of opportunities to move into the ‘D’.  Tilly Conant scored just before half time, which got us on the score board, which was great for the start of the half time team talk. 

In the second half, Witham wanted to widen the score line even further.  There was some super cover in defence with Isla Campbell and Sienna Bowman, backed up by our very strong Goalkeeper, Fraser Hakney and again great channel play by our mid players Holly Spragg, Sophia Howard, Tilly Conant.  More goals were upon us, with a striking goal by Holly Spragg, followed by a last minute goal by Izzy Wass in the final minute.  Wonderful play throughout.  Witham won the match 3-0 and played some outstanding hockey.  What a start to the season.  Well done ‘Team Fantastic’!  I am very proud of you all.  Thank you to all our players and also supporters who came to watch the game.


Witham Hall 2nd XV 17 – 12 v The Peterborough School

Tries: F. Arlott, T. Coulson & A. Smith-Maxwell
Conv. H Thompson

This was a very competitive game for the start of the second’s season and could have certainly gone against them. Peterborough competed hard in the contact areas of the game and carried the ball well, setting up a long range try after a few minutes. However, Witham showed themselves more adept at the breakdown and gradually their domination of possession started to tell sending Freddie Arlott over to square things up for half time.

In the second half five substitutions meant a reconfiguration of the front row but the shape that the boys had established in the first half continued as Toby Coulson stole down the blind side to put Witham ahead. Archie Smith-Maxwell had threatened all afternoon and eventually quick ball saw him avoid three defenders and dance down the touchline to put Peterborough on the back foot. Peterborough responded with spirit and got another long range effort over but Witham claimed the restart and drove the ball up field to secure the win.

Man of Match: Archie Smith-Maxwell.

Champagne moment provided by Max Shippey.