Oliver bounces on!

10 Nov 2015

The leading school gymnast Oliver Rymer (Year 7) competed in an NDP (National Development Plan) Regional Trampolining Competition in Loughborough last Sunday, with competitors coming from the Midlands and East Anglia to compete for national qualification. Each competitor performed their routine twice to a panel of judges and a packed audience. As Oliver's first competition it was very daunting. His routine included various jumps and twists with 1/2 twist to seat landing, 1/2 twist to feet landing and a forward somersault to controlled landing.  He came fourth in his category but was very disappointed as his first routine was disallowed (if you make an error in gymnastics you are penalised points but if you make certain errors in trampolining you are just awarded zero!) His 'half twist to feet' (high bounce, spin in the air 90 degrees and land on both feet) was completed (on one foot) but his concluding tuck jump into somersault was performed superbly. Well done to Oliver, who, to complete an all engaging day had, in the morning, been part of the Senior Choir in the Community Remembrance Service held in the village church.