Autumn Solo Concert

18 Nov 2015

The audience in the Stimson Hall on Tuesday were treated to a fantastic range of performances at the Autumn Solo Concert. (See below for the programme). From those younger pupils, taking their first steps in public to seasoned performers higher up the school, all performed with confidence and aplomb, and the whole programme was great entertainment. Repertoire was wide ranging (from the heavy rock of ‘Helicopter’ to the Baroque beauty of ‘Where the Bee Sucks’ by Thomas Arne, and all points in between! It is difficult to pick out individuals to mention as the whole concert was superb, but the following deserve a special mention!

Toby Coulson’s performance on the cello was a real family affair, as his grandmother accompanied on the piano; Oliver Allport and Richard Tomlinson rushed back from the Uppingham quiz to perform on clarinet and saxophone with very little rehearsal (and did so brilliantly!) Isabella Beattie’s first ever outing on the Witham stage with her cello was assured and beautifully poised; Atan Hussain (again, performing for the very first time) gave us a well-prepared piece of rock on the electric guitar. Daisy Smith-Maxwell, fresh from her LAMDA Music Theatre exam earlier in the day, brought the evening to a convincing close when she completely captivated the audience with her stunning acting and beautiful singing!

Our congratulations to all the performers for a fantastic evening.

Hans Mehta Piano L’orage

Isabelle Golland Cello Patrick’s Reel (trad)

Callum Wass Voice Where the bee sucks (Arne)

Shivali Patel Violin Minuet (Bach)

Eshan Mehta Piano Este a szekelyknel

Olly Rymer Violin My love she’s but a lassie yet (Trad)

Mia Paylor Voice Wouldn’t it be luverly?

Atan Hussain Guitar Helicopter

Hamish Gordon-Stewart Clarinet Shhh! by Cropton.

Richard Tomlinson Saxophone Easy Winners (Joplin)

Isabella Beattie Cello Rocking Horse

Toby Hanson Saxophone Poirot (Gunning)

Bonnie Harris Voice Any dream will do

Rose Allport Piano Countdown

Max Shippey Guitar I love Rock and Roll

Rachel Leckey Piano Do you want to build a snowman?

Oliver Allport Clarinet Ascot Gavotte

Sophie Hamilton Violin Over the Rainbow (Harold Arien)

Sienna Bowman Voice Far from the home I love

Ned Chatterton Piano 60’s Swing

Toby Coulson Cello Shepherd’s Hey (trad)

Bunny Bingham Violin Heat Haze

Daisy Smith-Maxwell Voice For the first time in forever