Hip, Hip, Horatio!

20 Nov 2015

The Senior Choir spent a busy, exhausting but very rewarding Singing Day at Uppingham School on Thursday. In honour of the 40th Anniversary of its composition (and 210 years since Nelson’s death at Trafalgar) we prepared and performed Michael Hurd’s superb cantata ‘Hip, Hip, Horatio’. The piece contains very challenging material and required a lot of concentration and hard work! Mrs Catherine Griffiths (the Head of Singing at Uppingham) conducted and Stephen Williams, (the Director of Music there) helped us warm up our voices.

Stoneygate School Choir were there too, and we took different parts in the piece which was exciting! Witham Head Chorister Freddie Dumbill took the only solo part in the whole piece, singing unaccompanied in front of the one hundred-plus singers and the considerable audience, with his usual unflappable aplomb.

In the concluding concert each school sang an individual sea-themed piece as well as joining together for the main cantata. We sang a lively and energetic arrangement of shanties and traditional songs to much applause. Stoneygate sang ‘I am Sailing’ which, with its smooth lines, was a great contrast. We were all thrilled to hear a surprise performance at the end of the concert by the amazing a capella group from Uppingham called 9.5, who have recently recorded with Sir Paul McCartney!

You will see from the photos the pupils dressed in appropriately nautical style, and all had a great time. Very well done, Senior Choir!