Witham Hall 1st in the school team event

23 Nov 2015

Witham Hall Team were allotted an extremely early times and a course walk at 7.30am, so considering that the venue is 2 hours away, both the Rowleys and de Gales decided to go the night before. Rain on Saturday to train 2 ponies, then straight onto the lorry to get to Aston to stay the night!  Sadly our third team member Cecily Hopkins had lorry trouble and didn't make it to the event. That left Sienna with her 2 ponies, one she had never competed on before as she has only had it 6 weeks, and George Rowley with Shaney, again a pony he has only had for 6 weeks! It was so seriously windy that whilst walking the course early this morning all the show jumps were on the floor, so the team had to guess what they might look like. Challenging conditions to say the least, with fences blowing down during the rounds and some of the horses getting very nervous and excited.

 Sienna was first on with Dennis: she completed a very well ridden round but managed to pick up 4 faults.  She cleared the joker this time, and Dennis his reliable self as always.  George was next in, riding a stunning round on his new pony Shaney and coming 3rd individually.  Sienna then went again on her new pony Lunarbug.  They had a lovely flowing round, but managed to go slightly too fast: the optimum time was 4 minutes, and she came in 15 seconds faster, so came 6th individually.  George's time was within 6 seconds of the target! With a small team we were mighty, and won the school section (against Croft, Bloxham, Southam and Brockhurst).   We have had two firsts in two outings, a challenge to the other schools in the finals in February.