Under 8 & Under 9 Girls’ Hockey:

24 Nov 2015


Witham Hall to the Leicester Grammar JS U10 Tournament:

V Fairfield U10A lost 0-2

V Leicester Grammar JS U10A lost 0-1

V Spratton Hall U10A lost 0-1

V Stamford U10B won 4-0

This was an afternoon of unpredictable and challenging weather conditions and tough competition against girls a year older who had been playing U10 hockey all season. The U9 team was assisted by Matilda from Year 5 at GK.

The first match was against Fairfield who went on to win the tournament and were a most impressive team: most of that match was spent in the Witham defensive half. This was a fast learning curve for the girls who had never had to defend against such impressive players or work so hard making tackle after tackle. Molly, Millie and Rose deserve an award for their tenacity and work-rate! The next two matches were against Spratton and Leicester, both U10A teams. However, these matches were very close and could have gone either way. In both it was just one slight defensive lapse that led to a goal in the dying minutes of the game. However, the year 4 girls really went for it, passing powerfully and attacking whenever the chance arose – Lilia, Matilda and Bunny all impressed. The final match was against Stamford U10B team: the girls started strongly and maintained their momentum throughout. Matilda scored a hat-trick and Millie scored from a short corner. Well done! The girls should be proud of their resilience and determination throughout the afternoon in a tournament that they were entered into deliberately to test their skills. Mrs Edwards was very proud of them all. Well done Witham U10A team for their runners up position.

Witham Hall               13

Worksop Prep                       0

The U9A team travelled to Worksop Prep, Ranby, for a match on grass. It became apparent early on that the girls were not going to be challenged in this game. However, it proved a good opportunity for all the girls to try out defending and attacking. My most improved players in this game were Charlotte and Rosie who both made terrific strides with their positioning: this enabled Charlotte to score 4 goals and Rosie 1! Well done!

The game was characterised by the Witham central defender starting off wave after wave of attacking moves down the pitch; by Mrs Edwards whistling up the Witham girls for the tiniest infringements and by the girls all communicating well and trying hard to think themselves into unusual positions. Other goals were scored by: Bunny – 3; Matilda – 1;Lilia – 2;Millie – 1.

Witham Hall                           7

Leicester Grammar JS U9A    0

This was a game of two halves with the first half being rather scrappy with minimal communication and a lack of team play. However, Lilia scored a couple of well worked individual goals showcasing her ever improving ability to move round defenders with seeming comparative ease.

In the second half the team was much more alert and there was much more co-operative play with plenty of fine strong passing to be seen between the girls. Matilda scored a hat-trick: three in a row within about as many minutes, having received excellent passes from her team-mates and having really worked hard to ensure she was in the right position at the right time. Fantastic! Mrs Edwards then decided to move Charlotte to the left forward position and Matilda back into defence. Charlotte then scored a strong goal after some good stick-work in the ‘D’ moving the ball to the non-stick side of her defender. Finally it was Millie to hit the back board with a fine hit from near the edge of the ‘D’. Well done girls – some fine skills on show from you all today, especially in the second half!

U9/U8 Hockey:

Witham Hall  0

St Hugh’s 7


Witham Hall    4

Worksop Prep 2

At Worksop College on Wednesday the 4th of November the U9B girls had a really great match which was met with much enthusiasm and sportsmanship. What impressed me most about this game was the girl’s willingness to get stuck in and give it their best effort while also enjoying the game. Playing in the sports hall gave the girls an opportunity to learn a new skill in playing off the walls. With some helpful coaching from Mrs Welch in training on Tuesday they managed this delightfully. It was a well matched close game, with the scores continually switching favour. However with sheer persistence and an increased drive to chase the ball and shoot for goal the girls pulled it out of the bag. Well done girls, you made it a sincerely enjoyable game for all. 

Witham Hall                3

Leicester Grammar JS            1