Witham Hall scuba divers receive their PADI Seal Team certificates for passing their five Aqua Missions!

13 Jan 2016

Fifteen pupils from Years 5, 7 and 8 successfully completed the skills within the PADI Seal Team programme towards the end of the Michaelmas term.  I was delighted to be able to present each of them with a certificate last week to recognise their achievement.  Some of the underwater skills were not easy to accomplish but I was proud of every one of them for keeping their nerve and watching the demonstrations carefully.  It meant there was always time to ‘play’ underwater and feel like floating astronauts!

I wish them all the best with their continued PADI underwater education either at Witham or beyond.  The underwater world is a vast place and the chance to explore it can easily take a lifetime!

Well done to all the pupils who took part and hope the children taking part this term will gain as much from the experience.

IN – 13/01/2016