21 Jan 2016

Senior Netball v Spalding

The Senior girls started off the netball season with two very good wins against Spalding High School.  With a match on the very first day back, it was a tough ask, but after a good Pre-Season training session the day before, the Pre-Season girls were ready to battle their first set of games.  The first match played was against Spalding U13B and the Senior team started off steadily, finding their feet and took a little time to settle in their positions of play.  The first shot at goal by Kate Harris ‘swished’ through the net to give Witham the lead.  The mid court players; Sienna Bowman, Tilly Conant and Issy Blackman led by Centre Lottie Sharman soon started to play the triangles and find the channels, which gave the pattern of play right through from defence to attack.  Zara Williams and Georgia Blackman just got better and better in defence and Spalding just couldn’t find the net.  There were a few changes at half time with Holly Spragg joining the shooting team and Abbie Leverton joining at WD, which again made a difference to the style and speed of play.  I must mention the play of Zara Williams, who played in defence, (she is in fact a shooter but didn’t play it on this occasion) was quite outstanding.  The second half was where we won the game and it was down to Zara William’s defensive interceptions and tips that gave Witham the possession to score.  Well done Zara and well done the whole team.  Witham won 5 -2.  Well done girls!

The second game was against Spalding U13A, where there were quite a few tall, strong opponents.  The second Senior side to play had to find their feet quickly, as the passing and movement of Spalding was quick and hard to mark.  Witham took a bit of time to settle and there were a few ‘nervy’ shots taken at goal, which unsettled the team slightly.  After 5 minutes, the team took charge and Isabella Manara and Captain Ella Turner started to breathe in the circle and shots started to flow.  Mid court players; Anya Batty, Philippa Hix and Issy Wass worked the channel play up to the attack and the Witham opportunities started to become more consistent.  After half time, Alice Farmer joined at WA and again brought strong, accurate passing into the attack, with some super circle play.  Defensively, the team worked hard, with some excellent man to man marking in the first half by Harriet Anthony and Sophie Hamilton and again in the second half with Ella Turner and Sophie Hamilton.  The last 7 minutes of the game were good.  Witham started to play with belief, confidence and determination and there were some excellent ‘under pressure’ shots made by Harriet Anthony.  A great start – the final score was Witham 15, Spalding 1.

This was a great start to the Senior season.  The girls were a credit to be with and I look forward to seeing the girls in action again soon.  Thank you to all our parents who came to support and particular thanks to Gary, who helped with the driving and also became our super Team Manager.  Thank you!

Witham U13B 15  

Maidwell  Hall U13B 5

The Senior B team played their first out door home game on Saturday against Maidwell. The teams were very evenly matched during the first quarter with Maidwell having the lead by one goal at the first change of ends. The Witham girls then raised their game and slowed down their passing making it much more accurate. They continued to score consistently pulling ahead of Maidwell who were unable to convert their chances. The Witham team showed their versatility as the girls played in different positions as the game progressed. This was an excellent all round performance by everyone in the team and is an encouraging platform to build on for the rest of the season.


Witham Hall  7

Bedford Girls 4

The U11 girls were rather lacklustre after a long journey and took some while to warm up and then cooled down rather too soon! This was a match with a solid middle phase though with much potential shown in quarters 2 & 3. Five of the seven goals were scored by Ella, who was supported steadily by Mia against two very strong defenders. Ella was voted by Bedford as player of the match. Bonnie and Lulie played very solidly in defence.

Witham Hall           18

Spalding HS U12A  2

The Under 11 A team travelled to Spalding on Wednesday to play Spalding Under 12 A team. The sports hall floor was extremely slippery making good footwork skills difficult. Witham started very positively, moving the ball confidently down the court to the shooters who consistently scored from all around the circle. The Witham girls kept up the momentum and had a commanding lead at half time; due to this the girls changed positions to give them the opportunity to experience playing in new roles in a match situation. Still Witham dominated, although the match was played at an increased pace which meant that passes were not always accurate! This match was an excellent experience for the girls all of whom were very happy to play in any position. They all worked to their full ability all match and were a pleasure to take.

Witham Hall U11A/B  13

Maidwell Hall U11A    4

This was a clean and flowing game of netball with opportunity given to some B team players to play at A team level and for other players to hone their skills at their back-up positions.

In the attacking circle we saw good movement development from Josie, an excellent start from Lulie who converted nearly every opportunity she had and confidence from Mia who looked at ease against a strong Maidwell GD. Poppy, Bella and Katie all worked well together in the middle and Katie was voted by Maidwell as player of the match. Georgina was dynamic throughout and impressed as Captain. Most impressive was the progress of Gigi at WA whose speed and flair, while not yet consistent, is full of promise. Well done all!


Witham Hall  5

Bedford Girls  2

This was a very tight game with the play even throughout the match and Witham ultimately just proving more accurate under the goal. Poppy was excellent in the centre with a consistently strong work rate. Matilda made an impressive start at GK and she and Charlotte made plenty of interceptions. Unfortunately, there were some very loose passes! Bella impressed at GA with focus when it mattered.

Witham Hall U11B    0

Peterborough U11A 7

The Witham girls played a tough game; they may have been the smaller side but they did not let that stop them from playing their hardest. The end score was 7-0 to Peterborough but the score did not showcase the effort the girls had put in. The possession of the ball was even throughout the game but the height of the opposition was difficult to overcome. After half-time the girls began to use their height to an advantage as they started to control the ball, use bounce passes and create space to dodge in and out of their opposition. The mid court play was brilliant. The score did not reflect how well the girls played.

Witham Hall U11B/C  8

Maidwell U10A            1

The Witham girls had a great game against Maidwell on Saturday. Sienna scored two great goals in the first quarter and Isabella added to this total in the second quarter. All of the girls worked very hard and made improvements every quarter! Sienna scored 7 of the 8 goals and Charlotte’s work in defence was superb. Milly was voted player of the match by Maidwell and played fantastically in all areas of the court! Very well done everyone.


Witham Hall U11C lost v Bedford Girls

This was a very one sided game unfortunately, as the girls were faced with the Bedford U11B team. Despite some good effort from some of the Witham girls they were ultimately overwhelmed.

The Peterborough School U10s  7

Witham Hall U11C                      3

Peterborough School started strongly and quickly scoring 3 goals in the first quarter. Witham worked hard but unfortunately the score at half time was 0 – 7. With a change round of positions for both teams Witham found their stride and held Peterborough’s score in the third quarter. We were able to build on our growing confidence in the final quarter with excellent movement into space and more accurate passing to one another. This allowed us to feed the ball into our attacking circle with Isabella Beattie scoring two goals and Eleanor Tickler another. The girls should be congratulated on their perseverance and ability to execute the advice given to them. The final score was 3 – 7 but much progress was made with ball handling skills and tactical understanding. Well done girls it was a pleasure umpiring you and thank you to the parents too for your support. 

Witham Hall School U10/9  6

Bedford Girls School U10B   4

The Witham U10/9 girls had their first match of the term away at Bedford last Saturday. The girls had plenty of time to warm up and this obviously paid off as Witham made a strong start winning the first quarter 3-1. Rose, Daisy and Eleanor did a good job in centre court stopping the Bedford attack from getting much of the play at all in the first 8 minutes. Charlotte had a tough job shooting against a girl twice her height, but some great team work with Rose meant they worked the ball around the circle well in attack.

Witham didn’t have quite such a strong second quarter as Bedford found their rhythm scoring two to our 1. Maddie, Millie and Mollie were tested more in this quarter against some very agile shooters.  As the play became more even the scoring lessened as each team picked interceptions and marked tighter. Thankfully our shooters got one more goal to take the score to 5 – 3 with just one more quarter to go. The final quarter was closely fought with both teams working really hard! Bedford and Witham managed one more goal each meaning Witham won the match by 2 goals with Charlotte and Rose scoring 3 goals each. All of the girls showed great team work, determination and effort throughout the match and certainly deserved their win against a very good Bedford side!


Witham Hall   U9

Peterborough U9

The Witham Hall U9 team travelled to Peterborough for the first U9 fixture of the netball term. Peterborough had some very tall girls who put us on the back foot but the girls started to work out how to play around the opposition. The first quarter was very even with the ball moving fluidly up and down the court but no goals being scored, Izzy and Lilia had a few opportunities but nothing came of these. Isabelle scored the first goal of the match in the second quarter after some lovely play up the court and the ball being fed into the circle through Shivali.

In the third quarter Rachel and Rosie had their work cut out with Peterborough scoring two goals thanks to some very accurate shooting. Tilly did a great job finding space at WD throughout the first three quarters, plus marking tightly and keeping her focus. Bunny improved every quarter making fantastic interceptions and really trying hard with her footwork. The fourth quarter was when our U9 girls really came together, with Lilia scoring two goals and Isabelle scoring for a second time. Matilda did a sterling job as centre, making some lovely moves and feeding the ball in to the circle with the help of Izzy. The girls all played very well and should be proud of their win – well done!