Witham 1st Netball Team wins at Kimbolton Tournament

29 Jan 2016

Match results: 

V Queenswood  Won 9-5

V Kimbolton  Won 6-2

V Bedford Modern  Won 6-2

V Swanbourne  Won 6-2

The 1st Netball Team travelled to the annual Kimbolton U13A Netball tournament on a very cold day.  With our ‘Sumo’ suits at the ready, Witham knew they would be warm, cosy and certainly ready for a tough netball tournament playing A sides of a very good standard.  The first game was against Queenswood and Witham started off very well indeed with a 2-0 start.  Witham stuck to the game plans and the tactics were in play.  Harriet Anthony and Sophie Hamilton’s man to man marking was exceptional, leading to some super interceptions, with Issy Wass linking the defence to attack and playing the ball through nicely.  Philippa Hix was consistent and steady in the middle at Centre and Alice Farmer, Isabella Manara and Ella Turner created some magical triangles in attack.  The first final score was Witham 9, Queenswood 5.  A good start.

The second game was against a very tall Kimbolton side.  Witham brought in Jo Jo Chawner and Anya Batty and a new combination was in flow.  Witham produced some flair and accuracy and the quickness from Jo Jo, Anya and Isabella made the attack really flow and gain in confidence.  The final score was Witham 6, Kimbolton 2.

The third game was against Bedford Modern, who had good results against the other schools.  They were strong and very quick and took Witham by surprise to start with.  Witham soon got their man to man marking tight and the passing became more consistent from defence through to attack.  Shooters needed to take their time on the shots in the second half and calm their nerves.  The second half was much better and Witham won the game 6-2.

The final game was against Swanbourne, a team who was very strong last year too!  Witham kept their heads and the set plays were consistent, strong and worked very well indeed.  Witham had space to play their game and took control from start to finish.  The final score was Witham 6, Swanbourne 2. 

Witham had won every game and deserved to win the tournament.  A lot of ‘confidence’ lessons were learnt from this tournament and I know every player will take away things to work on, ready for our next game against Oundle, which will be very tough.  Well done to all the girls and thank you to all our supporters who came to watch on a very cold afternoon. 

Result:  Witham 1st place