02 Feb 2016

1st VII:

Witham          14

Bourne GS       3

The 1st Team played against a very tall Bourne GS U13A side.  They played the ball very fast and were strong across the board.  By the end of the first quarter Witham led by 6 and the triangular attacking play was super.  Shots were going in and the confidence of the team was high.  Defensively, Witham had to work hard against moving shooters, but they fought hard and were quite outstanding in the second quarter, where Witham took the lead 12-2.  In the final quarter, Witham started to lose a bit of momentum and made some silly mistakes.  The final score was Witham 14, Bourne 3.  Well done to all the girls and thank you to all our parents and supporters who came to watch the girls play.  Well done.                                  

Witham                      10

Oundle                        9

The 1st Team knew they were up against a very tall, strong Oundle side.  Playing a senior school is always difficult and the girls always seem so much taller and stronger than Witham.  Witham knew they had to keep their heads and believe in themselves.  The first quarter was tight and the girls knew they had to keep their heads against situations they had not come across before – particularly our younger players.  After a calming first break talk, the girls headed back onto the court with confidence, belief and skill.  They had to play their game and believe in what they are and who they are – the Witham unit!  The half time score was Witham 3, Oundle 3.  It was very close!

The second half was just as tight and playing under ‘Senior level’ conditions, the girls were experiencing what it is like under pressure from all directions.  At three quarter time, the girls had nothing to lose and they had to keep their heads and believe in the ‘Witham rhythm’ – they did and produced the very best play under a great deal of pressure.  The final score was 10-9.  I am very proud of how the Witham girls presented themselves on and off the court on this afternoon.  Witham certainly set the standards in many ways and I thank the girls for keeping their heads.  The girls must now use this experience and take their play to another level.  Thank you to all the girls and thank you to all our parents and supporters who came to watch this eventful game.

Witham          27

St Hugh’s         8 

The 1st Team travelled to St Hugh’s and were hoping to be playing inside on a cold, windy afternoon and their luck was in!  The girls were pleased and soon got warmed up after a long journey.  In the first quarter, Witham took the lead straight away, passing the ball with flair, speed and determination.  Goal Shooter and Captain Ella Turner was on ‘swishing’ form and really put the shots up with confidence, which inspired the team to drive forward.  Isabella Manara, Philippa Hix and Alice Farmer in mid court really displayed the triangle play and worked the ball up nicely to the shooting circle.  At the end of the 1st quarter, Witham were in the lead 8-1.  The second quarter brought much the same, with Sophie Hamilton totally demolishing the St Hugh’s shooters and intercepting the ball time after time.  Harriet Anthony and Anya Batty brought the ball out of defence to show the channel play that we have practised continuously.  Witham were playing extremely well and it was hard for St Hugh’s to find the space.  The score was 16-1 at half time.

In the second half, Witham were still in control, but had a sleepy third quarter, but set sail again in the final part of the game.  A fantastic display of team work, talent and game play – thank you girls and well done to all of you.  Thank you to our parents and grandparents who came to watch and support the team.  Well done to all.


2nd/3rd Team:

Witham 2nd/3rds  3

Bourne GS U12A   6

The 2nd/3rd Team Netball team played against a very strong U12A Bourne GS side.  The first quarter was very tight and the ball was played from one end to the other with belief and accuracy from both teams.  The first quarter score was Witham 1, Bourne 2.  Witham went back on in the 2nd and 3rd quarters with determination to stick to the game plan and believe in themselves.  Bourne started to find the net and soon passed the ball around with confidence.   Witham had to fight hard.  Three quarter time was Witham 3, Bourne 4.  In the final quarter, Witham started to get a little bit tired and started to make passing mistakes.  The final score was Witham 3, Bourne GS 6.  This was a good game of netball and the standard of play was consistent and strong.  Well done to all the players, who worked very hard indeed and played consistently well, against a strong A side.  Thank you to all our parents and supporters who came to watch.  Well done.

Oundle U13B 14 

Witham U13B 7

The Under 13 B team played an Oundle team with a large squad. Oundle started with their strongest team and scored a couple of early goals. Slowly Witham began to find their range and managed one goal in the first quarter in comparison to Oundle’s four. The second and third quarters were much more even and Witham were only one goal down going into the last quarter. Unfortunately Oundle started the last quarter strongly intercepting Witham’s first centre pass and scoring. This gave them the confidence to go on and win the game comfortably.

St Hugh’s U13B 10 

Witham U13B 28

The Witham Under 13 B team played their best netball of the season so far on Wednesday when they travelled to St Hugh’s. Both teams took time to find their shooting rhythm with Witham just having the edge at the end of the first quarter. At the change of ends Witham came into their own scoring from nearly every attack with some impressive movement of the ball down the court. Although the shooters were changed in the second half of the match Witham continued to dominate, with some excellent shots being converted from all around the circle. The whole team played extremely well and deserved their win.

Witham Hall U12/11  10

Oundle U12Bs                           9

Witham’s U12/11 team played an excellent game against Oundle’s 12B team, with a convincing win of 10 nil to our girls. There was outstanding shooting from Kate Harris, who scored all 10 goals. The girls used their teamwork and communication to efficiently get the ball down the court into our offensive area.  Our defence played a strong game not allowing any goals to go in and having a strong hold on their opponents. There was some repossession from our girls in the first half of the game but by the second half they built from their mistakes and continued to display excellent play across the whole court.



This has been a couple of weeks with fierce opposition firstly against Oundle U12A and then in a mini competition at Stamford JS. Thank you for all the terrific support from our parents!

Oundle U12A  14

Witham          8

This was a tough game, but one played in very good spirit and where a pleasing level of quality play from both teams was in evidence. In the end the Witham girls were just not as athletic or tall as their older Oundle opposition. However, Bonnie and Sienna were notable for the way they applied themselves in defence, continually winning the ball and trying to start off attacking moves. Katie was ever present in the centre and won Oundle’s nomination for ‘player of the match’ for Witham. Good effort everyone!

Witham v Laxton JS lost 2-8

Witham v Stamford lost 5-6

Witham v Grantham won 6-1

This was a tough afternoon where the weather was a continual challenge. Despite being very aware of the high winds the girls just did not work their legs as hard as is needed: they were often not in front of their defenders when needed and at other times were found hanging back rather than trying and trying again. Communication was also lacking. Bonnie was sorely missed although the defensive duo of Lulie and Sienna really did battle in every match. Laxton was a team of athletes and the girls were suddenly very aware that they were out-run and out-jumped throughout; Stamford were there for the taking but with more than 15 missed shots at goal it was always going to be tough to win! The girls played better against Grantham and displayed better shooting consistency. Poppy Wraith well deserved her promotion from the B team and showed some sparky attacking play in the latter two games. Much work still to do!



Witham lost 3 – 7 v Peterborough School U11A

Witham won 5 – 0 v Lincoln Minster U11B

The U11B Netball team played a triangular match against Peterborough School and Lincoln Minster, playing 10 minute halves per match. Our first match against Peterborough School started strongly with the girls moving into to space to receive the ball then passing accurately into our shooting circle. We were 2 -1 up at half time but were unable to maintain this lead in the second half. Careless passing and not marking tightly enough allowed our opposition to score 6 goals in the second half with Witham only able to score one. The final score was 3 – 7. The second match against Lincoln Minster saw the girls re-focussed and determined to play at a higher standard. They thought about creating space for one another and timed their movements much better and were able to link the ball up the court more smoothly. By ½ time Witham were winning 3 – 0. The second half saw some great interceptions but some careless passing that allowed our opponents to gain possession too easily. That said, the girls were able to score another 2 goals giving a final result of 5 -  0. Very well done girls, you showed great improvement in your understanding of tactics today. Thank you to all the parents for supporting and encouraging the girls on a chilly afternoon.

Witham wins 2-1 v Laxton

Witham loses 0-1 v Stamford JS

Witham wins 4-3 v Grantham

On a blustery Wednesday afternoon we travelled to Stamford Junior School to play against three schools. Our first match against Laxton started strongly with two early goals giving us a lead of 2-1 at half time. Laxton found their stride and the ball moved smoothly from one end of the court to the other but neither team were able to convert any goals giving a final score of 2 -1 to Witham. The second match against Stamford JS was another close game with both teams evenly matched. With the blustery conditions it was tricky to shoot accurately and a number of passes were caught in the crosswind. Stamford scored the only goal of the match so although a loss for our girls, they played well. The final match against Grantham was nail biting to the end! At half time we were 2 – 0 up but a combination of careless passing and super shooting from Grantham saw them level the score to 3-3. In the last few minutes of the game Sienna de Gale scored a superb goal to take Witham into the lead and finish victoriously 4 – 3. Well done girls, a great team effort in tricky conditions. Thank you very much to our parents who came to support and cheer us on.



Witham:  1       

Laxton JS: 5

Despite the weather conditions the Witham U11C team had an enjoyable game against Laxton U11C. The ball was back and forth throughout the game, having even play in both offence and defence. Unfortunately the wind was not on our side and the girls did not cope as well as the Laxton girls did when shooting in the wind, resulting in a defeat of 5-1. Witham showed great teamwork and sportsmanship. Well done girls.

Witham U11C   5:  Witham U9B 1 

Witham U11C   5:   Lincoln 1

Witham U9A    6:   Lincoln 1

Witham U9B    2:  Lincoln 2

The U11C and U9 girls had a fantastic opportunity to get lots of match practice, and all from the comfort of the sports hall! The U11C team played the U9B team in the first match with some fantastic play from both sides. Then the girls split off into the three teams to warm up, led by their captains: Daisy, Mollie and Bunny.

The U11C team then faced Lincoln and after 4 lovely goals from Isabella in the first half we thought it only fair to let someone else have a go! So Hera stepped up to the job in the second half and scored a great goal from her first shot! Our defence weren’t left watching from their end of the court though as Lincoln had several attacking opportunities, just one of which got past Arabella and Kitty to make the final score 5-1.

Our U9A team faced Lincoln for the next match, with some astounding forward play throughout the match. Lilia showed wonderful balance in the centre court with Charlotte shooting 4 great goals from quite difficult positions. In the second half once again we had a change around with every girl playing in a completely different position! This gave captain Mollie the chance to score 2 goals and Millie 1. The final score was 6-1 to the U9 girls, well done!

In the final match of the afternoon our U9B team, along with the help of Hera who captained for this match, faced Lincoln. Izzy had a great game scoring 2 goals whilst at the other end of the court our defence had their work cut out, with Lincoln really finding their rhythm. Lincoln scored 2 goals taking the final score to 2-2. It was a great afternoon of netball – well done girls!

Witham Junior U11 mix  2 : Laxton 5

Witham U9A  5  :  WHS Junior U11 mix 0

Witham U9A  10  :  Laxton 0 

On a rather blustery afternoon the Witham and Laxton girls braved the winds to play a triangular fixture, giving all of the girls two matches. The first game was Laxton vs Witham’s Junior U11 mixed team. This was a closely fought game with good attacking play from both sides. The first half was a draw at 2-2 but in the second half Laxton’s shooters got their eye in and managed to put 3 more past our defence.

The second slightly shorter match was the two Witham teams against each other. The Jnr mix team had the first advantage but the U9A team quickly found their rhythm and moved the ball nicely up the court scoring 5 goals in total.

The final game of the afternoon saw Witham U9A face Laxton. Despite Laxton’s best efforts Witham’s lovely passing up court really tested Laxton and our shooters scored 10 goals in 17 minutes whilst also keeping Laxton out of our defensive circle. All of the girls played really well, supported each other well and demonstrated some lovely team work – very well done!