No Waste Lunch in Prep

08 Feb 2016

The Prep School took part in a ‘No Waste’  lunch challenge to see which House could leave the Dining Hall with the emptiest plates. As always, the food was of such a high calibre from Steph and her team that there was barely any waste anyway! The House Captains marshalled proceedings and kindly sent back members of their House who could perhaps eat an extra morsel rather than throw it away. Staff got in on the action too and the final placings were calculated based on the total waste divided by the number of people in the House eating food (including all present pupils and staff). The results were as follows:

4th Place: Tate (20.8g per person)
3rd Place: Banks (13.6g per person)
2nd Place: Maitland (13.2g per person)
1st Place: Lyons (9.2g per person)