Banks boys win inter house hockey after calculations on goal difference!

09 Feb 2016



Tate 1-0 Maitland

Banks 2-0 Lyons


Tate 3-2 Lyons

Maitland 1-0 Banks


Banks 2-0 Tate

Maitland 3-1 Lyons


On a very wet and windy afternoon all the year 7 and 8 boys took part in the annual hockey competition. It was a fiercely fought event throughout and there were many upsets along the way. Tate, who could only just about field a team on the day, managed to get through rounds 1 and 2 with a couple of superb wins over Maitland and Lyons. This put Tate as firm favourites going into the last round. After very inconsistent performances in rounds 1 and 2 Banks and Maitland managed a win apiece going into round 3 which meant that apart from Lyons, any house could win the cup. In the final round of matches Banks managed to beat a laboured and very tired Tate 2-0 and Maitland managed to beat Lyons 3-1 in a very entertaining match on pitch 2. This meant that Banks, Maitland and Tate had all won 2 matches and therefore the competition was decided on goal difference.

Final Standings

1st Banks

2nd Maitland

3rd Tate

4th Lyons