Yr 6 trip to Lincoln Castle Prison

12 Feb 2016

On Thursday 11th February, year 6 pupils made the journey north to Lincoln Castle Prison. Over the course of the term having looked at various aspects of life in Victorian Britain pupils learned what it was like for people who broke the law during this time and how the Victorian authorities viewed people who broke the law.
Ove the course of the day the pupils walked the walls of the castle to witness all the buildings that have been used for law enforcement (both past and present) and the different uses of certain parts of the castle; including the holding cell for the condemned men (and women) of the county, as well as the executed prisoners grave yard with their rather unconventional ‘foot stones’.
The pupils also learned about the story of Joseph Ralph; a colourful character who was kidnapped by a criminal gang at the age of six and succeeded in escaping from nearly everywhere he was incarcerated (including 3 escapes from Lincoln Castle Prison), until his eventual death planning his escape from Freemantle Prison in Australia, aged 60.
Pupils learned about the ‘separate’ system in place in the Victorian prison and visited the prison chapel, the last remaining ‘separate’ chapel in the world; and as well as this the pupils explored the prison landings and learned about various people who were imprisoned there.
A fabulous day was had by all, on a day where we were blessed with excellent weather the pupils learned a great deal about Victorian crime and punishment and they were a credit to themselves and the school.