Witham Netball Report:

12 Feb 2016

1st VII:

Witham Hall     23

Stamford HS    9

The 1st Team headed off to play Stamford High School, who always give Witham a good, strong game.  They were a very tall team, so Witham had to think about their tactics and their game plan.  In the first quarter, Witham took the lead and were displaying some wonderful channels and triangle play from defence through to attack.  The first quarter defence and mid court team; Harriet Anthony, Sophie Hamilton, Anya Batty, Philippa Hix and Jo Jo Chawner certainly were in control and passed the ball with strength, power and accuracy.  The shooting team of Captain Ella Turner and Isabella Manara were also playing nicely together, showing confidence and self-belief, which certainly gave a lift to the team.  The quarter time score was Witham 9, Stamford 1.   There were a few changes made at quarter time with Issy Wass joining the team at WD and marking the Stamford WA out of the game.  However, Witham lost their flow a little and lost the ‘flair’ that they started with.  Stamford had tightened up their marking and started to find the goal.  At half time, the score was Witham 11, Stamford 4.   Again, there were a few more changes, with Alice Farmer joining the team at Centre, which gave a different dimension to the Witham team and new tactics started to creep in.  Witham took off again and the set plays were consistent.  The third and fourth quarters were strong and Witham certainly had the ‘bite’ and the ‘will to win’.  The final score was Witham 23, Stamford 9.  A good game overall; well played to all the Witham team and thank you to all our touchline supporters who came to cheer the team on.

Witham Hall      20 

Oakham              9 

The 1st netball team was in good spirits after a great training session at the week-end, based on speed and quick feet.  Oakham always turn out a solid, tall side and work hard on and off the ball and Witham had to really think about the game plan for today’s game.  With a few players under par, Witham knew they had to work together and fight hard.  For the first 8 minutes of the first quarter, the scores were level and both teams were playing with confidence and belief. However, in the ninth minute Witham started to excel and took the lead 6-2 at the end of the quarter. In the second quarter Witham were accurate in pass and shot and the triangle play from defence through to attack was strong.  The shots were going in and the confidence within each player was high.  Defensively, Witham had to work very hard against moving shooters who were quick; this enabled Oakham to find the net.  The half time score was Witham 10, Oakham 4.  There were then a few changes within the Witham team and the third quarter was strong for both sides.  Witham started to move a bit too soon within their set plays, which then led to them making silly passes (something to work on in the future – pressure play!).  After they calmed down, the set plays were back and consistency in play started to shine through.  The shooters were calm and steady and at three quarter time was Witham 16, Oakham 8.  The final quarter was very up and down – when Witham were ‘up’ they played some superb netball with accuracy, flair and dynamic drives into space.  However, when they were ‘down’ the play became manic and bad decision making started to creep in.  Witham played the last two minutes of the match the best I have seen this season.  It really was a pleasure to watch and the whole team came together for another successful win.  The final score was Witham 20, Oakham 9.  A super afternoon of netball, played in great spirits and against a side who were a pleasure to play against.  Well done to all our players, our visiting team and to all those supporters that came to watch a great afternoon of netball. 


Stamford U12 A       13 

Witham Hall               4

The Witham team travelled to Stamford to play a very tall Stamford Under 12 A team. Both teams took time to get into their rhythm and although the Stamford shooters were not particularly accurate their height meant that they were able to rebound effectively. In the second quarter Witham managed to restrict the Stamford scoring whilst converting more of their chances. Witham switched the shooters and circle defenders at half time but unfortunately Stamford continued to keep moving ahead and ran out winners by nine goals. Abbie Leverton was voted player of the match by the opposition but the whole team gave their all. However, the extra height and reach of the Stamford team made a huge difference.

Witham Hall 16 

Oakham          9

This was the best all round performance by the team so far this season. Witham started slowly and were soon behind mainly due to the frenetic pace that both teams were playing at and were three goals behind after the first quarter. When the girls put into practice the skills we have been working on - dodging effectively and moving the ball into space rather than playing down one side of the court close to the side line, they had much more success in getting the ball into the shooters.  This resulted in the shooters gaining in confidence and being much more successful, and at half time the teams were level.

In the second half the team played much more cohesively and took the lead; this was a great confidence boost and slowly Witham pulled ahead. In the final quarter Witham’s play was far superior to Oakham’s in all areas of the court. This was particularly evident in the attacking third where Witham out-scored Oakham by six goals resulting in a convincing win. This was an excellent all round team performance and just reward for all the hard work the team has put into training,


Witham Hall lose to Stamford U12C

The Witham U13C team had a difficult afternoon, playing against stronger opposition. Being unable to move the ball into the attack, due to the height differences and lack of ball control, our girls were unlucky not to have been able to score. However, the girls kept their heads high and showed outstanding sportsmanship and teamwork with smiles on their faces. Thank you to the parents for their cheering and support.

Witham Hall   4

Oakham          9

The 3rd VII Witham girls had an unlucky game against a tough Oakham side. The girls showed a strong defence with Jessica Stamp receiving player of the match. During the 2nd and 3rd quarters the girls picked up the pace using bounce passes as an advantage to their height differences moving the ball quicker up the court into our shooters. The girls played a great game and should be very proud of their efforts. Thank you to the parents who came to support the girls.


Witham Hall                             16

Stamford High School U12B 11

Witham came out really ready for action at Stamford under floodlights and in what was a fairly bitter chill! There was an atmosphere of determination right from the first whistle. The girls were faced with a team of very tall opposition: however they were unfazed and played sensibly to cope with this challenge. Ella managed to get her scoring into double figures and had a very good game; she was ably supported by Lulie. Poppy showed how much she now deserves her U11 team place and had a lovely game at WA and Bonnie was a tower of strength at GD, voted player of the Witham team by Stamford. Well done girls – a progressive and business-like game, that was a pleasure to watch and umpire. Thanks very much to our freezing supporters!

Witham Hall                12

Oakham U12B            6

Witham had a good game against yet another very tall team. They really started to think about their passing to try to play the ball away from long arms. Defensively Bonnie and Sienna are to be commended for many fine interceptions and such clean, light play. In the second and third quarters they were so effective that only one goal was scored against the team in total! The attack really worked hard in this match too, but perhaps discovered why they need to work this hard in training: they stretched each other so much that footwork and ball handling errors crept in. Mia had a lovely game at WD and was very quick to reach any loose ball, well done. Katie was voted by Oakham as ‘player of the match for Witham’ – this is her fourth nomination! Well done!


Witham Hall U11B                                 11

Leicester Grammar JS U10A              0

The U11B team played an excellent game with a convincing win of 11 -0 to our girls. The girls dominated much of the play with some superb passing up the court into our attacking goal circle.  The defenders made some great interceptions when the ball came their way and they quickly moved the ball back up to the mid court players. Our shooters converted most of their shots giving a half time score of 6 – 0. With this, the girls had a change round of positions allowing them to develop their skills within a new role. A few careless passes and footwork mistakes crept in but the team kept their composure and we able to secure another 5 goals before the final whistle. A super team effort girls, well done! Thank you to our parents for your continued support and encouragement!

Witham Hall                 7

St Hugh’s U11A          3

The U11B girls marched into the lead 3 – 0 up at the end of the first third. They demonstrated excellent movement onto the ball and thought about creating space for one another. Our shooters rewarded the team’s efforts with accurate shots at goal. The second third saw a number of careless errors with passing and not marking our opposition tightly enough. St Hugh’s took advantage of this and scored three goals. That said, we were able to add another two goals to maintain our lead going into the final third. The girls quickly got back into their stride, moving the ball carefully up the court into our attacking circle. The defenders made some superb interceptions and with everyone working hard and thinking about their role, we were able to keep the St Hugh’s score at three but add yet another two goals to our total giving the Witham team a fantastic win 7 – 3. Very well done girls, another great match! As always, thank you to our parents for cheering us on.

Witham Hall       0

Oakham U12C 10

This was going to be a challenging match for our year 5s, given the height and age differences! That said the girls should be proud of their performance despite the end result. Oakham quickly scored three successive goals but our girls found their rhythm and whilst making Oakham work hard for every pass, we made some super attacking moves but were unfortunately unable to score.  In the second quarter the girls played even better with Oakham only able to score two goals. Unfortunately the third quarter saw a dip in confidence and careless mistakes from our girls of which Oakham took advantage adding five goals to their total. Full credit to our girls must be given in the final quarter where they defended tightly and tried so hard to get the ball to our shooters who unfortunately with the taller opposition were unable to score. The girls conducted themselves with fantastic sportsmanship throughout and as always it was a pleasure to spend an afternoon on the court with them.


Witham Hall U11/10C               7

Leicester Grammar JS U10B  0

The Witham U11C team played a lovely match against Leicester U10B team. Millie did a fantastic job captaining the team and led from the centre and then showed her flexibility moving to play GD. Sophie did very well at GA with lots of strong dodging; she had many shots at goal and was on target enough to make a difference – it was a very blustery day! She was well supported by Isabella. Rose was a force of strength in the middle and played consistently well all match supporting every defensive and every attacking move. Matilda showed versatility playing both in defence and attack. The girls were a pleasure to take with every one of them playing and working hard for each other. Well done!

Witham Hall U10/9     6

St Hugh’s U11B          1

Witham made a strong start maintaining possession of the ball but only managing to convert one shot into a goal in the first third. The girls worked together really well with the year 4s and 5s showing great team work. Charlotte had a great game scoring 4 goals and with a bigger ball than she is used to. Matilda demonstrated just how much she has come on this term with super marking. St Hugh’s just snuck one goal in in the dying seconds of the game but Daisy led her team to a brilliant victory with all of the girls playing some lovely netball.

Witham U10/9                           9

Leicester Grammar  JS U10C  0

The Witham U10/U9 mixed team put on a great display of netball, communicating well and demonstrating a good show of sportsmanship. The windy conditions in the first quarter meant both teams struggled to put the ball in the net but Witham’s persistent play and shooting rewarded them with an assuring win. The defensive play of the team worked hard allowing very few shots to be attempted and they maintained a clean sheet right until the end of the match. The team passed the ball smoothly down the court showing a testament of well fought game play. A huge well done to the girls, they should be very proud of their efforts.


Witham Hall U9  10

St Hugh’s U9A      0

The Witham U9 girls had a really successful game against St Hugh’s. All of the girls transferred their efforts in training onto the court and showed a great deal of progression. Witham won the first quarter 4-0 with Rose scoring 1 and Izzy scoring 3 thanks to some lovely team work from Matilda and Shivali feeding the ball in. In the second quarter an injury meant Tilly had to quickly run on and swap into GA; she rose to the challenge and scored a lovely goal. Rosie and Rachel both played very well in defence, marking their players well and keeping St Hugh’s from scoring.

Going into the 3rd quarter Shivali and Mollie both added to the score sheet with Mollie adapting well to playing several different positions. The girls played some of their best netball in this match, with no less than 5 of the 8 girls managing to score a goal and every girl playing in a minimum of two different positions throughout the game. A pleasure to coach such a versatile and enthusiastic team – well done girls!