Equestrian success at Bloxham

22 Feb 2016

A wonderful end to the Bloxham Eventer Challenge series! With 23 competitors from the 7 schools qualified for today's (21 Feb) final, the Witham Hall team came runner-up to Beachborough in the 65cm class by a tiny margin of just 2 points, and 4th in the 80cm. A number of individual places were gained by Witham pupils in the 65cm class, and one in the 80cm class.  Our brilliant school Equestrian team were so professional and very well prepared!

65cm Eventer Challenge Final

Our 65cm team consisted of Jemima Foljambe on Kitty, Sienna de Gale on her 1st pony Lunarbug and 2nd pony Ben, Cecily Hopkins on Jake Pepper, George Rowley on Shaney and Harriet Anthony on Jammy Dodger.  They all rode pretty much foot-perfect rounds, with Sienna on Lunarbug and Cecily having one down in the show jumping, but all the others riding perfect clear rounds. There was an undisclosed optimum time of 2min 30sec, which made it tricky if you went too fast or too slow as you got faults for both! Individual placing was as follows:

George was placed 3rd on Shaney

Sienna came 5th on Ben

Jemima came 7th on Kitty

Harriet came 9th Jammy Dodger

Sienna came 10th on Lunarbug

The individual rider league prizes for the series of 6 competitions were presented by Mr Paul Saunderson Headmaster of Bloxham School.

Sienna was placed 5th on Ben/Dennis (her old pony)

George Rowley was 7th

Sienna was 8th, on Lunarbug

Pre-Intro 80cm Eventer Challenge Final 

The team for the Pre-Intro Final consisted of Cecily Hopkins on Jake Pepper, Harriet Anthony on Jammy Dodger and George Rowley on Shaney.  They all did really well over the higher more complicated course, and although they hadn't gained many points through the season and Witham was the only team of three members whereas the other schools had at least four, they still managed a very respectable 4th place as a school, with Bloxham winning,  Beachborough 2nd and Kings 3rd. 

Cecily was the only Witham Hall pupil to be placed in the league tables for 80cm (she had won her previous outing at her first go at the 80cm class!) coming 9th in the individual 80cm league table. Again the 80cm prizes were presented by Headmaster of Bloxham School, Mr Paul Saunderson.

Well done Witham - another successful Equestrian day for our very focused pupils. You should all be very proud of yourselves and your ponies; all your hard work and determination has certainly been rewarded.

Sasha de Gale