Year 7 French Trip - The Great Witham Bake off!

03 Oct 2014

An early start and we were off to a rural community bakery where Erik the Boulanger patiently talked the children through the stages of bread making, encouraging them at all times to speak French. Each child mixed, kneaded and shaped their own dough and was rewarded for their efforts with a fresh baguette each. This was followed by a visit to a local artisan biscuit maker who took the children through the process of making some delicious biscuits. Again the children were able to practice their French with a native speaker and showed that they had gained confidence whilst learning some new vocab over the week. The last trip of the day and indeed the week was to the famous tapestry in Bayeux. With the use of the audio guides, the children were able to pick out features of this famous story and many commented on how it had brought the history they had learnt previously to life. With the week drawing to a close the children are enjoying the final disco before an early departure tomorrow. We look forward to seeing you all back at Witham tomorrow evening.