Under 9 Rounders

06 May 2016

Year 4 Girls to the Barlborough Hall Under 9 Rounders Festival



Results :

V St Peters & St Paul  Drew 1 ½ - 1 ½

V Barlborough Hall   Witham won 8 – 2

V Westbourne  Witham won 4 ½ - 1 ½

V Hill House  Witham won 2 ½ - 2

The Under 9 girls set off to Barlborough Hall, Chesterfield to play in an Under 9 rounders festival.  It was exciting for ‘Team Wonderful’ to be together and play rounders against teams that are not on the normal Witham inter-school fixture list.  The first game was against St Peters & St Paul and the format was 10 balls, one innings, which put Witham under pressure, as they had lost the toss and went straight into bat.  After a slow start, Witham started to pick up a few ½ rounders and their score was 1 ½ after a batting innings.  St Peters & St Paul went into bat and again, missed a few balls, but started to get their eye in.  Witham’s field started to panic a little bit and gave a few ½ rounders away.  The final score was a 1 ½ each, which gave us confidence to move onwards and upwards into the next few games. 

The next game was against Barlborough Hall and all the girls hit well and all the team contributed to the total of 8 rounders, which was great.  Barlborough struggled to find the gaps when they batted and Witham communicated and started to believe in themselves in the field.  Witham won 8-2.  The next game was against Westbourne; again, a tight field was delivered by Witham, which kept Westbourne’s batting total down to 1 ½ .  Witham went into bat and scored 4 ½.  The final game was against Hill House, who had won all their games.  After various ‘rule’ checks, the game was underway and both teams were confident and tight.  Witham’s fielding was strong and there were some excellent throws to bases, which put Hill House under pressure.  Hill House scored 2.  Witham had everything to go for!  Witham batted consistently well against a variety of balls and they sneaked the final ½ rounder in the final ball to win the game.  Witham 2 ½ - 2. 

‘Team Wonderful’ were ‘wonderful’ and each game played was a confidence boost for every individual.   The Witham Under 9 girls listened, worked on mistakes and were certainly believing in themselves by the end of the afternoon.  A great start to the season – well done to all!