National Poetry Day - Thursday 2nd October 2014

08 Oct 2014

20141002 Poetry Day Remember Title 2

Once again, many members of the school community enjoyed celebrating National Poetry Day this year.  In Pre-Prep Mrs Ferdinand’s class revelled in the illustrations and poetry of the great Shirley Hughes (Mrs Ferdinand and I would love to live in a Shirley Hughes story!); while Mr Blake and Mrs Kay took their classes out under the Cedars and combined science and poetry quite spectacularly!

20141002 Poetry Day Fun Image 1 small

Year 1 enjoying poetry and science!

In the Prep, the children zoomed around the school in hot pursuit of the 24 poems that were hidden in unusual places (ceilings, door frames, toilet cisterns!) in the hope of securing first place by the deadline of the end of the day.  The lucky winners to receive the top accolade were Hugo Shippey, Max Moore, Tom Davison and Ewan Rodell.  The team to come second were Ella Chandler, Lulie Pumphrey and Georgina Eatch.  And finally, in third place came the combined searching powers of Georgia and Issy Blackman, Taggie Paganuzzi, Sophie Hamilton, Alice Farmer, Harriet Anthony and Gigi Granger!  Well done to all who competed!

Cross-Curricular Poetry!

The Maths department fully embraced the opportunity to mix words and numbers and all day the children’s Maths lessons were devoted to reading and writing mathematical poems.  Mr Walker used the acrostic form to encourage his pupils to write poems about computing; Mr Nolan used Tennyson’s image of ‘Nature, red in tooth and claw’ to enhance Year 8’s exploration of evolution, feeding relationships and ecology; Ms Forbes used the poetry of Shakespeare in a Year 6 project on ‘Macbeth’; Mrs Lyons discussed a poem on trench warfare by Sidney Chaplin to encourage her pupils to empathise with the horrific conditions of WW1, which ties in wonderfully with this year’s theme of ‘Remember’  And of course, the English department immersed the children in poetry reading and writing for the duration of the day.

Poetry Competition

A poetry writing competition has been launched, with a deadline of Friday 17th October.  Ideally, the entries will be on the theme of ‘Remember’ but poems on other themes will also be accepted.  A number of the children have already entered so it looks as though the judging will be long and arduous but incredibly enjoyable as well.

A big thank you to all the children and staff who responded to NPD with such enthusiasm and support!

Mrs N Marie